Director's Cut Videos

Director's Cut Videos

Director’s Cut: Wisconsin Film Festival 2018

Premiered: April 2, 2018

Wisconsin Film Festival organizers and a sampling of filmmakers preview the films people will be buzzing about at the annual festival in Madison.

Kurt Sensenbrenner & Colin Sytsma

Premiered: June 23, 2017

“From Mass to the Mountain” takes you to eastern Panama, where decades of government corruption and neglect have impoverished the region. But thanks to the tireless efforts of one priest to build infrastructure, protect watersheds, and conserve the rainforest, life is looking up for locals.

Marie Ullrich - "The Alley Cat"

Premiered: June 16, 2017

The Alley Cat is a road movie on a bicycle. Bike messenger Jasper leaves an alley cat race and goes on a physical and spiritual journey on her bike, through Chicago’s nighttime streets, to an emotion-filled destination.

Mac Smith - "Scout's Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood"

Premiered: May 26, 2017

This film looks into the intense subculture of the competitive marching activity known as drum and bugle corps. Performers spend countless hours of rehearsal and withstand intense physical endurance for months, all while living on the road and out of their suitcases. The reward for these members is simple: a shot at perfection come the Drum Corps International Championship in August.

Erik Crary - "Uncle John"

Premiered: May 19, 2017

John is a kindly, well-liked old man in a small rural town who has just killed a man named Dutch. Nobody in town would think to implicate John except Danny, Dutch's violent drunk of a brother. John's nephew Ben arrives on an impromptu trip to his hometown as his uncle struggles to evade Danny's growing suspicions and looming threats.

Noah Hutton - "Deep Time"

Premiered: May 19, 2017

This film is an ethereal portrait of the landowners, state officials, and oil workers at the center of the most prolific oil boom on the planet for the past six years. With a new focus on the relationship of the indigenous peoples of North Dakota to their surging fossil wealth, Deep Time casts the ongoing boom in the context of paleo-cycles, climate change, and the dark ecology of the future.

Jan Jensen & Mark Davis - The Bear and the Owl

Premiered: May 12, 2017

In 1986, a young Wisconsin girl from Beloit, WI was about to celebrate her birthday in the hospital. After her teacher puts an article in the local newspaper requesting cards from the community, a complete stranger responds by sending her a handmade card every day for two and half years. The heartwarming bond that forms between them showcases the healing power of love, empathy and compassion.

Wisconsin Film Festival 2017

Premiered: May 10, 2017

The 18th annual Wisconsin Film Festival is the state’s premier film festival. Meet Jim Healy from the WFF who will talk about this year's festival. Joining them are directors whose films will be at the WFF, including Jan Jansen, Mark Davis, Katherine Acosta, Wesley Morgan, Kate Feldt, Luke Basseuneur, Jaeana Sabally, Jalen Baumbach, and Andrew Swant.

Roger Rapoport & Richard Riehle - Pilot Error

Premiered: August 12, 2016

When a jet bound to Paris disappears in the Atlantic, Milwaukee investigative reporter Nicola Wilson asks to be put on the story. After her editors refuse, she quits to begin the search for the missing plane and its victims, including her close friend. Even though she refuses to fly and knows little about aviation, Wilson scoops the world media as the search continues.

Joe Anderson - Pilot Error

Premiered: July 13, 2016

Joe Anderson, director and co-writer of "Pilot Error" discusses what drew him to this film.

Roger Rapoport - Pilot Error re-release

Premiered: July 13, 2016

Roger Rapoport, writer and co-producer of "Pilot Error" discusses the re-release of his film.

Richard Riehle - Favorite Acting Roles

Premiered: July 13, 2016

Legendary character actor Richard Riehle, who has a role in "Pilot Error", discusses his favorite roles.


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