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  • What if there were no states?

    If we made 'America from Scratch" today, would we have states?

    Tick-Borne Disease in Wisconsin

    Susan Paskewitz discusses deer and wood ticks and tick-borne disease research.

  • Can Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Help Fight Disease?

    Investigating using genetically engineered mosquitoes to combat mosquito-borne diseases.

    What Does Lead Poisoning Do To Your Brain?

    How does lead damage our brains and what can we do to stop it?

  • Mobility 4 Vets

    Wisconsin Life visits a group of veterans who volunteer to repair wheelchairs for their fellow veterans.

    Watch These Frustrated Squirrels Go Nuts!

    Humans aren't the only creatures that get frustrated. Squirrels do too.

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