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  • It's Lit: Why Sci Fi is a Mirror on Society

    The origin story of science fiction is shaped throughout several centuries.

    Food Flirts: What is a Food Incubator?

    The Brass Sisters discover what a food incubator is.

  • BrainCraft: Why Everybody Should Read Harry Potter

    We break down the psychological benefits of literature and Harry Potter. 💫

    Two Cents: Women Financial Superpowers

    Women report feeling high or overwhelming levels of financial stress twice as often. Why?

  • Should we elect our Supreme Court Justices?

    If we started America From Scratch today, would we elect our Supreme Court justices?

    AFT: Poultry, Porcine and Pasta

    Inga's off on a spring adventure to check out baby chicks and pigs for the farm.

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