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  • Longest-Serving Justice Retires

    Shirley Abrahamson hears her final arguments as Supreme Court Justice.

    High Court Hears Challenge to Lame Duck Session

    The Supreme Court hears a lame duck session suit and the Assembly passes abortion bills.

  • New Ways to Help Those with History of Trauma

    Fox Valley Boys and Girls Club CEO Greg Lempke-Rochon talks about trauma-informed care.

    Trade Talks Lead to Farmer Uncertainty

    Wis. Farmer's Union President Darin Von Ruden discusses how trade impacts farmers.

  • Noon Wednesday with guest Nerissa Nelson

    UW-Stevens Point said it won't be cutting majors after all, but problems still remain.

    Origin of Everything: Is Art a Public Good?

    Danielle explores the US government's history of commissioning art and how that lead to the NEA.

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