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Curious about felting? Two guests share different approaches to this fun surface design process.


10:00 am
Hope for Heroes: The Farmer Veteran Coalition (Davis, CA)
The Farmer Veteran Coalition's mission helps connect veterans with good jobs and new careers.
10:30 am
Gluten-Free Favorites
Chef Keller stuffs mini peppers with a delicious quinoa salad and prepares a chia seed wrap.
11:00 am
Adding Details
Little details make the bookcase project stand out, plus tips for making better frame and panel assemblies.
11:30 am
England's Bath & York
Explore Roman hot springs, cruises quiet canals and marvels at England's finest Gothic church.
12:00 pm
Downton Abbey, Season 2: Episode 2
Downton becomes a convalescent home with Thomas in charge. Lavinia and Richard's secret comes out.
1:00 pm
Two brothers from the Onondoga Nation are driven to play lacrosse for Syracuse University.

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