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Mapping The Structure of Spiral Galaxies
Andrew Schechtman-Rook, Graduate Student, Department of Astronomy, UW-Madison, explains advanced modeling techniques and high-resolution near-infrared imaging to study the anatomy of other galaxies and compares them to our own. Mapping this structure is essential to understanding how spiral galaxies form and evolve.


6:00 am
Old Maps, New Stories
Susan Krueger, Map Librarian, Wisconsin Historical Society, discusses ways maps can be used by genealogists, treasure hunters, historians, teachers, artists and hobby enthusiasts. Krueger explores how "outdated" maps can still be used and highlights various maps available at the Wisconsin Historical Society.
6:23 am
WPR Midday Show at Lawrence University
Lawrence Conservatory of Music student ensembles "Quartet Masque" and "Involuntary String Band," along with student Jonathan Fagan join Wisconsin Public Radio's Norman Gilliland, host of University Place Presents.
7:12 am
Problems With the Cosmic Fuel Supply
Aleks Diamond-Stanic, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Astronomy, UW-Madison, discusses the importance of cosmic fuel.
7:59 am
Wheel Fever
Norman interviews the authors of âWheel Fever: How Wisconsin Became a Great Bicycling State.â
9:00 am
Hard-Learned Money/Gift Pony
The Learnerer uses Amazing Rope Guy to learn how to be an efficient criminal.
9:30 am
Forgive and Forget/Mimi's Back in Town
Clifford forgets a play date with Cleo, who accuses him of abusing her friendship. Then Cleo teases T-bone because he's smitten with a visiting dog named Mimi.