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On-air and online, the PBS NewsHour provides in-depth analysis of current national and international events.


6:00 pm
NEWSLINE is produced by NHK, Japan's news leading public broadcaster, featuring global news and current affairs, business, sports, science and technology trends plus global weather forecasts from over 30 news bureaus throughout the world.
6:30 pm
Every weeknight, the Emmy winning NIGHTLY BUSINESS REPORT delivers the day's essential business and economic news. Each lively half-hour combines trusted, credible and unbiased information and extensive financial market coverage with insightful features, analysis and commentaries by noted economists and business experts.
7:00 pm
An Evening at the Maharanee's
English Intelligence officer Guy Perron witnesses an interrogation performed by Major Merrick.
8:00 pm
Season 2: Episode 1
As Alan and Celia seize the day, Gillian spirals into a dark place as skeletons surface.
9:00 pm
Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End
Atul Gawande, Author, Surgeon, Professor, Harvard Medical School, joins Anne Strainchamps, Executive Producer and Host, Wisconsin Public Radio, in a conversation about death and dying. Gawande addresses the goal of providing a better quality of life for the patient and their family with a focus on maintaining the dignity of the patient up to the end.
10:00 pm
Veteran journalist Charlie Rose engages the world's most fascinating individuals in one-on-one conversations and roundtable discussions.