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Aaron travels to a BBQ cook-off competition in Kansas and goes way outside his comfort zone.


11:30 am
Bergen Food Renaissance
Andreas visits Bergen in Western Norway and makes a Trout Tartar and a Smoked Trout Dish.
12:00 pm
For Whom The Bell Tolls
A firefighter falls from the fire station's bell tower.
1:00 pm
Season 4: Episode 9
Judy has a new romantic interest. Sandy's evasive comments indicate there is clearly a problem.
1:30 pm
Early Retirement
Hyacinth calls the Prime Minister to inquire if a retiring Richard is on the honours list.
2:00 pm
Detroit Stain Glass Revival
The restored leaded glass bay windows are installed. Tommy leads the kitchen cabinet installation.
2:30 pm
Build It, Future House, Surge
Tom uses western red cedar to create a planter box. Scott explains the need for surge protection.

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