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Living Solar in the Suburbs
University Place technical director Bruce Johnson discusses the process he went through to install solar power panels on his house, shows how to meter the generated electricity, and discusses the advantages of driving an electric car.


7:00 am
Thornton Wilder: A Life
Penelope Niven, author of "Thornton Wilder: A Life," and Tappan Wilder, Thornton Wilder's nephew, delve into the life and works of Pulitzer Prize winning playwright and novelist Thornton Wilder.
7:58 am
Literature of the First World War
Marguerite Helmers, Professor, English Studies, UW-Oshkosh, joins "University Place Presents" host Norman Gilliland to delve into the reasons so many poets, memoirists and novelists wrote about World War I. Helmers explains that the reality of the technological advances in warfare in contrast with what men expected when they enlisted is reflected in their writings.
9:00 am
Doll Fashion Studio, Part 1
Learn to sew trendy 18" doll fashions for a quick and easy seasonal wardrobe.
9:30 am
Modern Quilting and Modern Stitching Explored
Art and embellishment meet traditional quilt making on "Quilting Arts TV" hosted by Pokey Bolton. Each episode covers a variety of fiber art and mixed-media techniques; from sewing, surface design, and embellishing to hand and machine stitching and more!
10:00 am
Thomas Jefferson; Organic Gardening Pioneer (Monticello, VA)
Discover how Thomas Jefferson lived out his passion for gardening at Monticello.
10:30 am
Life On Moss Mountain Farm
P. Allen Smith invites us into his home and shows us some of his favorite areas of the farm.