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Tales of Star Clusters
Kyle Cudworth, Professor Emeritus of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Chicago, explains the difference between open star clusters and globulars, which contain hundreds of thousands of stars and are more centrally concentrated than the open clusters.


9:00 am
England: Manchester, Liverpool & The Lake District
The best spots to eat in Northern England and the place where The Beatles got inspired are visited.
9:30 am
Layout Under-Glass
Visit a horticultural conservatory that has long embraced garden layouts for the public to enjoy.
10:00 am
Chef Kinch explores how a devastating restaurant fire changed and improved him and prepares dishes.
10:30 am
An unforgettable flaky biscuit-topped blackberry cobbler and outstanding chewy fig bars are served.
11:00 am
Light as Air
Meringue Shells with Chantilly Cream, Macaroons and Chocolate Souffle Cake with Raspberry Sauce.
11:30 am
Innovative and Old Fashioned
Andreas serves Norwegian meatballs in delicious gravy, with potatoes and lingonberries.

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