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The increasing scrutiny over youth soccer, a leading cause of concussions for kids, is explored.


7:00 pm
Sanjayan meets scientists, engineers and fishermen working on solutions to help restore the oceans.
8:00 pm
Hagia Sophia - Istanbul's Ancient Mystery
Architects and engineers examine the unique structure of the dome of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.
9:00 pm
The Last Orangutan Eden
The work being done to save wild orangutans in the jungles of Northern Sumatra is documented.
10:00 pm
China's Terracotta Warriors
Learn how China produced an 8,000-statue army - brightly painted, fully armed and ready to protect their Emperor for all eternity - in less than two years and nearly 2,200 years ago.
11:00 pm
Of Mice and Men
Commercial-free films, from true classics made during Hollywood's Golden Age to more recent instant classics, that you want to watch again and again.