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Short Door, Grow Herbs
An antique door is repaired and Roger gets the dirt on growing edible herbs indoors.


3:00 pm
Omaha, Hour 2
Discover 1955 Whitey Ford and 1951 Yogi Berra jerseys and an 1887 Seth Whipple oil painting.
4:00 pm
Show Stoppers
Elaine and Bobby are the hosts. Songs include "That's Entertainment" and "St. Louis Blues."
5:00 pm
Follow the history of Wausau from its lumber milling origins to today's vibrant Central Wisconsin community, which was built on the ambitions and civic pride of its residents.
6:00 pm
This documentary series presents the region both as an ever-evolving and globally relevant center of growth and as the home of traditional cultures, which are often at odds with encroaching globalization.
6:30 pm
New Orleans Public Defenders
Louisiana has underfunded its Constitutionally-guaranteed public defenders for the indigent.
7:00 pm
The Fire of Life (1910-1919)
President Theodore Roosevelt leads a Progressive crusade that splits his own Republican party.