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Downton Abbey, Season 4: Episode 7
Robert and Thomas return from America. Bates disappears for a day and Edith prepares to go abroad.


3:30 pm
Get the full supper club experience with a bit of history, culture and innovative research.
4:00 pm
Advanced Dough
The competitors must make enriched sweet fruit loaves, followed by a Technical challenge.
5:00 pm
Randy Sabien and the Fiddlehead Band, performing live at the Grand Theater in Wausau - Strings educator, jazz master, music author and record producer, Randy Sabien is also one of those rare talents to be hailed as both a violinist and a fiddler. A Wisconsin native, Sabien and his Fiddlehead Band pays homage to the history of American roots string playing while stretching beyond contemporary conventions.
6:00 pm
The international version of BBC Newsnight is a weekly round-up of news and current affairs including interviews with global opinion formers and documentary features from all over the world.
6:30 pm
Hillary Clinton's Public Life
Hari Sreenivasan sits down with two journalists who have penned biographies of Hillary Clinton.
7:00 pm
North American scientists scramble to repel invasive Asian carp before it's too late.