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  • We Are PBS

    Find out what PBS means to viewers, and about its role as a public service.

    Sew the Perfect T-Shirt

    Sewing With Nancy: Learn knit sewing options and designer touches that transform a simple T-shirt.

  • Final Forte: Naomi Sutherland

    Meet harpist Naomi Sutherland, one of the four finalists in the 2017 Bolz Young Artist Competition. Watch them compete in The Final Forte on March 29.

    Wisconsin Life: Professor of Pollination

    UW researcher Claudio Gratton researches if native Wisconsin bees can be as effective in pollinating crops and flowers as the declining honey bee population.

  • Polka From Cuca

    WPT Archive: Celebrate Wisconsin polka and learn how it became the official State Dance.

    Uncertainty, Innovation, and the Human Spirit

    University Place: UW professor Phillip Clampitt discusses his journey as a social scientist, focusing on long believed "alleged certainties," which has been proven wrong.

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Springtime Planting

Wisconsin Life

Writer and farmer Justin Isherwood shares his reflection on the ancient art and annual practice of planting.

Protect Your Public Media

Act Now!

Tell your elected officials in the US Congress to protect federal funding that allows WPT to serve Wisconsin with broadcast TV programs, online media and educational services.

Social Media & Cyberbullying


Most of the time, a cyberbully is in the same social circle as the victim. Connections are the key to stopping bullying.


Watch Online

Mollie B. takes a lively look at the history of polka in Wisconsin. See our map to explore polka music and dance across the state.

Around the Corner

March 27 Event in Horicon

Here's your chance to meet John McGivern in person — and see Horicon on the big screen!

University Place

Explore the Archive

Turn your home computer into a digital lecture hall with a vast collection of instructional videos.