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  • Wisconsin's Dairy Market Struggles

    Here & Now: Chris Holman of the Wisconsin Farmers Union explains that while the amount of milk produced is on the rise, the number of small dairy farms is plummeting.

    Celebrating 50 Years of "Respect"

    When Aretha Franklin re-recorded Otis Redding's "Respect," she created not only a classic Soul hit, but also an anthem for the feminist and civil rights movements.

  • Quilt with an Embroidery Machine

    Sewing with Nancy: In these eight easy lessons, old-school quilting ideas become new-school technology using an embroidery machine. Get inspired!

    Walker Signs Concealed Gun Bill

    Here & Now: The law allows gun owners five years of concealed carry permit, regardless of when the permit is renewed. The law passed with bipartisan votes last week.

  • Crave Brothers Dairy

    Wisconsin Foodie: Visit Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese, the energy-supplying and cheese-making facility.

    Insects in our Lives

    University Place: Assistant Biology Professor Barrett Klein explores the role of insects in society, art, technology, and medicine.

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Nancy Zieman offers innovative ideas for people who love sewing, quilting, and embroidering.

Dairy Export Crisis


Several key factors set the stage for the tough period Wisconsin dairy producers are facing.

Inga's Rhubarb Pie


Spring means Rhubarb season is here! Now is the time to try this rhubarb jam pie recipe from Around the Farm Table. Substitute sugar with local honey.

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