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  • Russia since 1945: History's Long Shadow

    University Place: UW-Madison History professor David McDonald shares insights about Russian history and future relations with the United States.

    2017 Wisconsin Film Festival

    Director's Cut: The 18th annual Wisconsin Film Festival preview.

  • Impact of Rural Funding Proposal for Schools

    Here & Now: Gov. Scott Walker has proposed giving extra money to rural school districts. We speak with Kim Kaukl of the Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance.

    We Are PBS

    Find out what PBS means to viewers, and about its role as a public service.

  • Final Forte: Michael Wu

    Meet pianist Michael Wu, one of the four finalists in the 2017 Bolz Young Artist Competition. Watch them compete in The Final Forte on March 29.

    Sew the Perfect T-Shirt

    Sewing with Nancy: Sew a classic tee dress with easy fitting, sewing, and designing techniques. (Part 2)

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Watch Online

Mollie B. takes a lively look at the history of polka in Wisconsin. See our map to explore polka music and dance across the state.

Protect Your Public Media

Act Now!

Tell your elected officials in the US Congress to protect federal funding that allows WPT to serve Wisconsin with broadcast TV programs, online media and educational services.

Sewing With Nancy

Explore the Archive

Since 1982, host Nancy Zieman has offered innovative ideas and inspiration designed to make sewing, quilting, and embroidering more efficient and enjoyable.

Container Gardening Tips


Container gardening offers an alternative way to grow fresh fruits and veggies with limited resources.

University Place

Explore the Archive

Turn your home computer into a digital lecture hall with a vast collection of instructional videos.

The Brontë Sisters


Actor Chloe Pirrie discusses getting inside the mind of Emily Brontë. Spoiler warning!