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Coming up February 12, 2016 | Anchor Frederica Freyberg talks to University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Professor Mordecai Lee about the Democratic debate. Reporter Zac Schultz talks to Andrea Kaminski, executive director of League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, and Sen. Devin LeMahieu, R-Oostburg, about a bill that would change how voters register in Wisconsin.


February 12, 2016

Torn In Two

The 2011 Wisconsin Act 10 law was passed five years ago this week. Governor Scott Walker proposed the legislation to address a projected $3.6 billion budget deficit. It impacted certain rights of public sector workers including collective bargaining, compensation and retirement.

February 12, 2016

League Of Women Voters Says Bill Limits Voter Registration

League of Women Voters Executive Director Andrea Kaminski said a new bill to allow online voter registration may end up reducing voter participation by limiting voters who typically register through in-person registration.

February 12, 2016

Online Voter Registration Bill Passes State Senate

Bill sponsor state Senator Devin LeMahieu, R-Oostburg, said the proposed law allowing online voter registration will save time and prevent errors in the process. Critics are concerned that the bill also eliminates special registration deputies who have been allowed to register voters in person.

February 12, 2016

Schimel To Issue Formal Opinion On High Capacity Wells

Attorney General Brad Schimel is setting aside conflict-of-interest rules to issue the opinion. The conflict-of-interest rule says the attorney general should not issue a formal opinion on matters the Department of Justice is facing in court. But because an Assembly committee requested the formal opinion, Schimel said he is obligated to give legal advice.

February 12, 2016

Wisconsin Issues Part Of Democratic Debate In Milwaukee

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee political science professor Mordecai Lee noted that where a debate takes places matters. The debate between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was hosted by UW-M and broadcast on PBS. Wisconsin’s high rate of African American incarceration was among the issues discussed by the candidates.

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