Joe Astrouski

Reporter, Field Producer and Narrator

Joe Astrouski is a reporter, field producer and narrator for Wisconsin Life, a Wisconsin Public Television (WPT) program that profiles people and their passions across the state. He enjoys hitting the road to look for stories in communities big and small. Astrouski also contributes to additional WPT programs, including Wisconsin Young Artists Compete: The Final Forte.

Before moving to Wisconsin, Astrouski worked for more than two years at WTHI-TV in Terre Haute, Ind. as a general assignment reporter, part-time weatherman and resident accordion player. Prior to that, he studied journalism at Eastern Illinois University where he also worked as a reporter for PBS affiliate WEIU-TV.

A native of Belleville, Ill., Astrouski enjoys fishing, hiking, music and spending time with his fiancée, Charity. He’s also a proud member of the White Castle Hall-of-Fame, Class of 2007.