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Get Them While They’re Thinking: Corporate Support

On-air Support

The non-commercial environment of public television provides greater impact for your message. With only a few sponsors per program, you gain high visibility with a targeted audience.

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Every year, Wisconsin Public Television hosts a number of events including expos, auctions, and more. Find out how you can sponsor these events, increasing visibility and reaching your target markets.

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Focus Funds

Direct your support where it matters most to you by supporting Friends of Wisconsin Public Television’s Focus Funds with a special gift.

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Sponsor List

These businesses and organizations provide support for Wisconsin Public Television's programming, productions, events, auction and outreach.

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Sponsorship Packet Media Kit

Download a PDF detailing information on sponsorship opportunities.

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Tom Boldt, The Bodlt Company



We have consistently supported WPT for over a quarter of a century. We believe public broadcasting adds to our understanding of the world and is something important to share throughout our great state."