Everything You Wanted to Know About Beets

Amy Freidig, Program Assistant in the Master Gardener Program at UW-Extension, examines the history of beets first discovered on the southeast shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the near East and northern Africa. Freidig explains the biennial life cycle of the root plant.

Physics of Space Travel

Professor Emeritus Clint Sprott along with faculty, staff and students from the UW-Madison Department of Physics explore the physics needed to travel into space in this entertaining scientific extravaganza.

The Evolution of Insects as Food

Julie Lesnick, Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Wayne State University, discusses the benefits of consuming insects as a sustainable protein source. Lesnick explores long held stigmas and talks about which countries have incorporated insects into their diets.

The Fastest Particles in the Universe

Ellen Zweibel, Professor in the Department of Astronomy at UW-Madison, talks about high energy, electronically charged cosmic rays which travel almost as fast as light. Zweibel explains how the particles are detected and their effect on Earth.

Earth’s Long-Term Biogeochemical Evolution

Shanan Peters, Professor in the Department of Geoscience at UW-Madison, discusses the consequences of the unsteady growth of the earth’s crust over the past 2.5 billion years. Peters focuses on water in all three forms, bimodal elevations due to moving plate tectonics, and life as a means of understanding the biogeochemical evolution.

Growing Potatoes in Containers and in the Ground

Joey Baird and Holly Baird, Co-founders of The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener, explain how to successfully grow potatoes. The Bairds discuss where to plant, when to plant and how to get rid of pests that could harm your potato crop.

Easy Food Preserving: Canning-Free

Megan Cain, Founder and CEO of The Creative Vegetable Gardener, discusses the advantages to growing your own produce and shares how to preserve excess fruits and vegetables in the freezer and the refrigerator.

The Right Chicken for the Right Family

Twain Lockhart, Poultry Consultant at Nutrena, discusses how to select the breed of chicken that fits your purpose and space. Lockhart explains which chickens are the best choices for egg production, meat production, for show and as a family pet.

Benefits from the New GOES-16 Satellite

Tim Schmit, Research Scientist at NESDIS Office of Research and Applications in Madison, introduces the geostationary environmental monitoring benefits provided by the recently launched weather satellite. Schmit discusses the technological advancements that made the GOES-16 possible.

Creating a Garden for All Seasons

Erin Clark, Nursery Manager at Schonheit Gardens, introduces the five basics of gardening: temperature, light, water, nutrients and air. Clark discusses basic design principles, explains how to create interesting gardens for all seasons and shares maintenance, mulch and watering plans for a healthy garden.


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