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Snapshot Wisconsin

Jennifer Stenglein, Research Scientist at the WI Department of Natural Resources, explains Snapshot Wisconsin, a project focused on monitoring wildlife through a network of trail cameras. Citizen scientists will place and monitor the cameras around the state. Captured images will be made available to volunteers world-wide who will help with identification and classification of the wildlife.

Marketing Medieval Medicine

Walton O. Schalick, III, Clinical Assistant Professor at UW School of Medicine and Public Health, discusses how medieval medicine and the health care structures established in the Middle Ages laid the foundation for medical education, drug regulations, and the way patients are treated.

Glass and Glassblowing in Making Modern Chemistry

Catherine Jackson, Assistant Professor in the History of Science, and Tracy Drier, Master Glassblower in the Department of Chemistry, at UW-Madison, explore the collaboration between chemists and glassblowers in understanding the natural world. Jackson discusses how glassblowing technology aids in understanding molecules in three dimensions. Drier demonstrates how to create glassware.

Galaxies and Their Monstrous Black Holes

Eric Hooper, Research Astronomer in the Department of Astronomy at UW-Madison, discusses black holes and the computer simulations that show their activity. Hooper talks about the connection between the supermassive black holes and galaxies.

Organic Landscape Maintenance

Becky Kielstrup, Horticulturalist at Avant Gardening & Landscaping, discusses natural and organic options for maintaining a healthy garden and lawn. Kielstrup recommends improving the soil to keep the weeds in check.

Advanced Analytics: From Emergency Response to Brackets

Laura Albert, Associate Professor in the College of Engineering at UW-Madison, explains industrial and systems engineering and how they can be used to analyze and solve problems in the public sector as well as creating brackets for sports tournaments.

Building a Bulb Lawn

Benjamin Futa, Director of the Allen Centennial Garden at UW-Madison, provides a step-by-step guide for creating a beautiful arrangement of flowering bulbs in your lawn. Futa offers a list of things to take into consideration before planting: when is it okay to mow down the leaves, the bulb budget, checking the neighborhood covenants and the scale of the garden.

Solar Activity and Its Influence on Us

Alex Lazarian, Professor of Department of Astronomy at UW-Madison, talks about the sun, its life cycle and its interaction with earth.

The UW-Madison Arboretum

Brad Herrick, Ecologist at the UW-Madison Arboretum, shares the history of the arboretum, the development of the Curtis Prairie, and the restoration the arboretum has undergone. The UW-Madison Arboretum is considered the birthplace of restoration ecology.

Wild Harvest: Useful and Edible Plants

David Eagan, Former Honorary Fellow in the Department of Botany at UW-Madison, explains how to harvest and prepare Wisconsin’s wild plants and garden plants for food, fire, crafts, magic and more. Eagan focuses on plants in the forests, prairies and woodlands.


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