Air America

Neil Hansen, Former Senior Pilot for Air America, shares his experiences as a pilot flying as part of a dummy corporation for the Central Intelligence Agency’s covert operations in China. Hansen provides a history of Air America which operated from 1955 until 1975. This lecture was recorded at the EAA Museum in Oshkosh.

Gustav Klimt as Viennese Modernist

Barbara Buenger, Professor in the Department of Art History at UW-Madison, joins “University Place Presents” host Norman Gilliland to explore the artwork of Gustav Klimt. Buenger discusses Klimt’s historical vignettes in Viennese Buildings and his work as part of the Secession Movement in the late nineteenth century.

The Roots of the Real Christmas Tree

Neil Prendergast, Assistant Professor in the Department of History and International Studies at UW-Stevens Point, chronicles the use of live Christmas trees as Christmas decorations in the United States. Prendergast highlights environmental concerns in the late 19th century which stemmed from the cutting of the trees.

The Second Seminole War (1835 - 1842)

John Hall, Associate Professor in the Department of History at UW-Madison, joins “University Place Presents” host Norman Gilliland to explore the history and culture of the Seminole Indians in Florida during the early nineteenth century. Hall focuses on the Indian war leaders and their involvement in the conflicts between the United States and the Seminole Indians.

1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed

Eric Cline, Professor of Classics and Anthropology at George Washington University, discusses the factors that caused the Bronze Age to come to an end. Cline focuses on events of 1177 BC including earthquakes, drought, famine and rebellions and discusses their similarity to events occurring today.

Dickey Chapelle Under Fire

John Garofolo, author of "Dickey Chapelle Under Fire," shares stories of female war correspondent Dickey Chapelle. Chapelle, a Wisconsin native and award winning war photographer, was killed in combat while on patrol with the U.S. Marines in Vietnam.

The Story of Phelps

Chris Stark, a Community Resource Development Educator in Vilas County through the UW-Extension, explores the history of Phelps, Wisconsin and the process used by the village to encourage economic development.

Archaeological Places in Ireland

James Gallagher, a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology at UW-La Crosse, explores the history of ancient cultures in Ireland. Gallagher presents photos of artifacts ranging from burial chambers to Iron Age bog bodies from the archaeological sites he has visited and shares stories of his tours of Ireland.

Ferguson Is America: Roots of Rebellion

Jamala Rogers, Author and Community Organizer, St. Louis, MO, focuses on the history of racial injustice, incarceration rates and segregation in St. Louis and Ferguson, Missouri.

The Storm That Sank the Edmund Fitzgerald

Steve Ackerman, Professor, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Studies, UW-Madison, analyzes the weather, the storm movement and decisions made by the captains piloting ships on Lake Superior on November 10, 1975, the day the Edmund Fitzgerald sank.


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