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John Bascom and the Wisconsin Idea

David Hoeveler, Professor in the Department of History at UW-Milwaukee, highlights the career of 1873-1887 University of Wisconsin President John Bascom. Bascom’s philosophy influenced students Robert La Follette and Charles Van Hise and laid the groundwork for the progressive movement and the Wisconsin Idea.

A History of Badger Baseball

Steven D. Schmitt, Author of “A History of Badger Baseball,” presents an in-depth history of baseball at the University of Wisconsin. Schmitt shares stories of the players and teams through the years.

Stories from the Capitol: People and Politics

Michael Edmonds, Director of Programs and Outreach at the Wisconsin Historical Society, shares stories about the people who passed through the Wisconsin State Capitol since its opening in 1917. Edmonds highlights the careers of governors, discusses policies that were passed, and focuses on the people who worked in the building.

Art of the Capitol: A Beaux Arts Masterpiece

Dan Stephans, Former Chief State Architect of the State of Wisconsin, discusses the artwork incorporated into the design of the Wisconsin State Capitol. George B. Post, architect and designer, included the artwork as a symbol of civic pride, duty and good government.

Stories from the Capitol: Building the Monument

Michael Edmonds, Director of Programs and Outreach at the Wisconsin Historical Society, provides a history of the three Wisconsin State Capitols. Edmonds tells the story of the fire that burned down the second Capitol building and discusses the construction of the current Capitol.

George B. Post: Architect of the Wisconsin Capitol

Charles Quagliana, Former Capitol Preservation Architect for the State of Wisconsin, discusses the career of George B. Post, designer and architect of the Wisconsin State Capitol building. Quagliana focuses on Post’s contribution to the architecture of the time, his selection as the architect for the Capitol and Post’s incorporation of art into the design.

Winston Churchill's American Mother

Randolph Churchill, Great-grandson, and Jennie Churchill, Great-granddaughter of Winston Churchill provide a glimpse into the lives of their great-great grandmother, Lady Randolph Churchill, and her son Winston Churchill. Randolph and Jennie Churchill discuss the courtship of their great-great grandparents and share highlights of their great-grandfather Winston’s achievements.

Rebuilding U.S. - Cuba Relations

Jennifer Collins, Associate Professor of Political Science, and Anju Reejhsinghani, Associate Professor of History and International Studies at UW-Stevens Point provide a history of the relationship between the United States and Cuba. Collins and Reejhsinghani share stories from their 2016 UW-Stevens Point study abroad program to Cuba.

Heroin and Other Opioids: A Wisconsin Epidemic?

Lori Edwards, Senior Chemist at the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, discusses the history of opium use in society and in Wisconsin. Edwards looks at narcotic impairment indicators and presents case studies of individuals using opioids.

Frenchtown Chronicles of Prairie du Chien

Mary Elise Antoine, Coauthor of “Frenchtown Chronicles of Prairie du Chien,” shares the stories, history, and folklore of Prairie du Chien that were compiled by Albert Coryer in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Coryer was the grandson of a fur trade voyageur turned farmer who collected stories from his family, community members, Native Americans and the descendants of other fur traders.


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