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Understanding the Art of Vision

Shiela Reaves, Professor of Life Sciences Communication at UW-Madison, discusses the connection between neuroscience and the visual brain. Reaves explores the power of visual images and color in early survival tactics, the ability to notice depth, and finding patterns.

Debussy’s Piano Portraits

Catherine Kautsky, Professor of Music at Lawrence University, joins Wisconsin Public Radio host Norman Gilliland, to discuss the inspiration behind Claude Debussy’s piano works. Kautsky performs Debussy pieces and explains the history and structure of the works.

The Wisdom of Finance

Mihir A. Desai, Professor of Finance at Harvard Business School, connects how we think about finance to how we think about our lives. Desai discusses how studying novels and humorists can provide insights into financial theories.

Communicating Through Color

Karen Schloss, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at UW-Madison, discusses how people infer meaning from colors and how that understanding influences their perception of the world.

Science and Art of Prions and Other Pathogens

Byron Caughey, Senior Investigator at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, explores how prions, or misfolded proteins, can produce neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Pamela Caughey, a Studio Artist, discusses her art installation, Ubiquitous: Migration of Pathogens, which consists of electron micrographs of the prion pathogens.

William Weege's Collaboration with Sam Gilliam

William Weege, Professor Emeritus of the UW-Madison Art Department, and Richard H. Axsom, Curator Emeritus of Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, discuss Weege’s artistic career and his work with Sam Gilliam. Weege and Gilliam’s collaboration produced innovations in printmaking and abstract artworks.

Wild Harvest: Useful and Edible Plants

David Eagan, Former Honorary Fellow in the Department of Botany at UW-Madison, explains how to harvest and prepare Wisconsin’s wild plants and garden plants for food, fire, crafts, magic and more. Eagan focuses on plants in the forests, prairies and woodlands.

Words on the Move

John McWhorter, Associate Professor of Linguistics at Columbia University, explores language as a shifting and evolving process. McWhorter discusses how the meanings of words change over time.

J.R.R. Tolkien in Wisconsin

William Fliss, Archivist for the Special Collections and University Archives at Marquette University, explains how Marquette University became the owner of the original papers and manuscripts written by J.R.R. Tolkien. The collection includes “The Hobbit,” The Lord of the Rings,” and “Farmer Giles of Ham” and other works by Tolkien.

Science and the Founders of Jewish Studies

Amos Bitzan, Assistant Professor in the Department of History at UW-Madison, discusses early 19th century history that led Jewish scholars to look to Wissenschaft, or the sciences, for answers to religious and cultural issues.


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