Over-the-Air Broadcast

Tips for Accessing WPT’s Four Channels

Wisconsin Public Television’s four channels – WPT, The Wisconsin Channel, Create and PBS Kids 24/7 – are available over the air via antenna and to all cable and satellite providers. Some cable and satellite providers offer all four, while others currently only offer the WPT flagship channel.

If you are not getting all four, here are some possible solutions:

Over-the-Air Broadcast
If you watch WPT over the air with an antenna, you also are able to watch The Wisconsin Channel and Create for free. All four will be grouped under the same channel number (xx–1, –2, –3 and -4 respectively). If you do not see all four channels, try to re-scan for channels using your TV’s menu.

Cable or Satellite
WPT offers all four channels to all cable and satellite providers, and some cable providers carry all four. If you are not able to find The Wisconsin Channel, Create, or PBS KIDS, ask your provider whether these channels are in your line-up. If not, ask them to consider adding all four WPT channels: WPT, The Wisconsin Channel, Create and PBS Kids. Please note that channel number assignments are determined by your provider. Wisconsin Public Television does not have the ability to assign the channel numbers chosen by your cable or satellite service.

If you are able to receive our signals with an antenna, but have a cable plan that does not offer all four channels, consider adding an A-B switch to your TV to allow you to switch easily between using cable and your antenna. Or, have one TV in your home not connected to cable or satellite service.

The Wisconsin Channel and PBS Kids 24/7 are both available to watch via livestream, on our website, wpt.org.

Please contact Audience Services at 800-422-9707 if you need further assistance.

Wisconsin Public Television transmission coverage


WHA-TV Madison Channel 21
WPNE-TV Green Bay Channel 38
WHRM-TV Wausau Channel 20
WLEF-TV Park Falls Channel 36
WHLA-TV La Crosse Channel 31
WHWC-TV Menomonie Channel 28


  Bloomington Channel 22
  Webster Channel 24
  Fence Channel 45
  Coloma Channel 48
  Sister Bay Channel 15
  River Falls Channel 47


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