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Wisconsin War Stories

Wisconsin's men and women in uniform share personal accounts of courage and sacrifice.

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World War II Stories

Veterans tell some of the greatest stories of their lives, preserving battlefront and home front stories for generations to come so the sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Korean War Stories

To the veterans, the Korean War was anything but the "Forgotten War." This two-part series offers first-person accounts from Wisconsin veterans who went to a place halfway around the world and engaged in hot battles of the Cold War.

Vietnam War Stories

Telling emotional stories that haven't been heard before, Wisconsin Vietnam War veterans recount their experiences in a three-hour television documentary.

Wounded Warriors

Vietnam War veterans of the Menominee Nation share how they are working to help veterans of today's wars cope with the invisible scars of combat.

Veterans Coming Home

Coming back to civilian life brings new challenges, new opportunities, and compelling stories of courage and accomplishment.

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