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LZ Lambeau Origin Story

Origin Story

Wisconsin Public Television Producer Mik Derks and Development Director Jon Miskowski walk us through the events and emotions that sparked the idea for LZ Lambeau.



LZ Lambeau DVD

LZ Lambeau Tribute Ceremony Highlight DVD

This program features highlights of the May 22nd, 2010 LZ Lambeau Tribute Event inside Green Bay's Lambeau Field that honored and thanked Wisconsin's Vietnam veterans, while offering a warm welcome home that many never received. (120 min, 2010, cc)

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LZ Lambeau Highlights
LZ Lambeau Highlights

A look back at a few of the highlights from the LZ Lambeau: Welcoming Home Wisconsin's Vietnam Veterans weekend in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Butch Soetenga
Butch Soetenga’s Honor Ride

On Wisconsin Public Television's Here and Now, Butch Soetenga discusses an honor ride that culminated at LZ Lambeau.

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