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Archival Vietnam War Footage Logs

Archival Vietnam War Footage

A grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has made it possible for Wisconsin Public Television to make available to other public broadcasting stations nearly 29 hours of logged archival footage that we acquired for the production ofWisconsin Vietnam War Stories. These films have been digitized as QuickTime files and will be delivered on a portable hard drive. They cover the many years of the Vietnam War and include action in each of the military services, specific battles and military operations, training films and news reels. All of the footage comes from the National Archives and is in the public domain. This footage is being made available to public broadcasters for use in documentary productions for broadcast on public television stations, rights free, in perpetuity.

By the terms of the CPB grant, WPT is able to provide this logged archival footage to 100 public broadcasting stations at no charge. Requests beyond 100 will be charged $200 to cover duplication, the hard drive, shipping and handling.

Download the Order Form (PDF)

Traditions Military Videos

The archival footage in this tool kit represents a broad selection of films depicting action in each of the military services and covering the many years of the Vietnam War. All of the films are from the National Archives and are in the public domain. They were acquired by Meredith Vezina for her company, Traditions Military Videos, in Julian, California.

Meredith was extremely gracious in helping us identify the appropriate footage to illustrate the specific interviews we were using in our program. It is a comprehensive list, but by no means complete. There are places, bases, battles and operations that were not touched upon in our documentary, but might be in yours. The general public will never notice, but the veterans definitely will if you illustrate a story with the wrong footage. So if you have stories that need some special video, Meredith will most likely have just what you need. There will be a fee (she’s running a business, after all), but it will be less costly and time-consuming than researching the holdings of the National Archives and having films mastered, dubbed and shipped to you.

Archival Vietnam War Footage Logs

All logs are in PDF format.

Be warned: These logs were prepared by a number of people, most of them students. There are inconsistencies (often humorous) in spelling, grammar and historical knowledge, and the Timecode may be off in places by a few frames or even seconds, but the logs were invaluable in helping us navigate through the nearly 29 hours of footage to find the shots we needed.

WCNAM A01 French Indochina
WCNAM A02 Saigon Streets
WCNAM A03 Hamburger Hill
WCNAM A03 Marines Land at Chu Lai
WCNAM A03 Navy Film
WCNAM A04 Marines 1966
WCNAM A04 Marines County Fair
WCNAM A05 Air Force Electronic War
WCNAM A05 Korat Air Base
WCNAM A06 Air Force F105 Story
WCNAM A07 Air Force More F105 Story
WCNAM A08 4th DIV, Montagnards
WCNAM A09 Tunnel Rats
WCNAM A10 Viet Cong, Booby Traps
WCNAM A11 25th DIV, Jolly Green
WCNAM A12 Combat Infantry Soldier
WCNAM A13 USS Constellation
WCNAM A14 Khe Sanh
WCNAM A15 To Save a Soldier
WCNAM A16 Marines 67 PT 1
WCNAM A17 Marines 67 PT 2
WCNAM A18 NewsReels
WCNAM A19A Con Thien
WCNAM A20 Armed Forces News, 101st
WCNAM A21 Battle Region 1, Door Gunner
WCNAM A22 Montagnards, POW's
WCNAM A23 Dewey Canyon, 173rd Robin Hoods
WCNAM A24 Army Action PT 1
WCNAM A25 Army Action PT 2
WCNAM A26 Operation Cedar Falls
WCNAM A27 1st DIV, Search & Destroy
WCNAM A29 Army Action, Pilot Air Rescue
WCNAM A30 Battle of Dak To, TET PT 1
WCNAM A31 Battle of Hue
WCNAM A32 Small Boat Warfare
WCNAM A33 Attack on Tan Son Nhut
WCNAM A34 AC-130 Gun Ship
WCNAM A37 Journey from Pha Dong

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