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Sheriff Clarke Resigns, Wisconsin Sends Help To Texas

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September 1, 2017

Sheriff Clarke Resigns, Wisconsin Sends Help To Texas

As Texans asses the toll of Hurricane Harvey, more than 100 Wisconsinites head south to join the relief effort. We examine who from the state is lending support. We also take a look at another public official who is stepping down. This time it is Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who announced his resignation on Thursday.

Episode Transcript

Frederica Freyberg:

Another prominent state official announced his departure this week. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke resigned Thursday effective Thursday. He says he will reveal his future plans next week. We go now to an update away from the state capitol and down to Texas. As the nation comes together to help those with the continuing devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Wisconsinites are joining the effort. The Red Cross of Wisconsin currently has a contingent of more than 90 volunteers in Texas, a number expected to increase in coming days and weeks. They are providing support and emergency shelters and providing necessities such as food and medical care. Also aiding the effort are U.S. Coast Guard members from Wisconsin. More than 20 went with rescue equipment this week and stations along Lake Michigan are on standby to send more.

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