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Brooklyn, NY

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Kat from Brooklyn, NY

Kat participated in 2018 Week 5: Pies, and attempted the American Pie Challenge. Let's see how they did!

How do you rate your baking performance?

It's not pretty, but it’s edible.

Give your pie a name based on the ingredients and decoration.

Vanilla Chiffon Pie with Raspberries. It's Bravetart's pie using homemade whole wheat graham cracker crumb crust, topped with Tahitian vanilla mousse. I mixed in freeze-dried raspberries so that the flavor could be more pronounced with every bite. Fresh raspberries on top of it all!

Tell us about your proudest moment — or humble failure — in this week’s baking challenge.

Well, besides slightly burning the graham crackers, I was on the phone with a friend in Milwaukee when turning the Tahitian Vanilla Pudding into the mousse for the meringue, so I didn't pay attention enough to realize that I needed to whip the heavy cream separately and then fold it in. I just dumped the pudding and the heavy cream in the stand mixer and let it go!

Describe how you added a Wisconsin twist to your creation.

It's University of Wisconsin colors! But also when I made the graham crackers I put a Wisconsin state design before crushing them to become the crust.