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Madison, WI

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Jean from Madison, WI

Jean participated in 2018 Week 5: Pies, and attempted the Wellington Challenge. Let's see how they did!

How do you rate your baking performance?

Pleasantly satisfied.

Give your pie a name based on the ingredients and decoration.

Wisconsinized Mushroom and Blue Cheese Wellington

Tell us about your proudest moment — or humble failure — in this week’s baking challenge.

The massive Usinger sausage-shaped filling mixture was unwieldy and created a large liquid puddle on the kitchen countertop. The solution? Once wrapped in cling film and tucked into a ziploc, I froze it! The next day it was surprisingly easy to unwrap the clingfilm and re-wrap it in puff pastry and bake.

Describe how you added a Wisconsin twist to your creation.

Wisconsin's state motto, adopted in 1851, is the simple and commanding word "FORWARD." We Wisconsinites are proud and forward-looking people! Almost two ounces of Wisconsin brandy was cooked along with the vegetarian mix of: spinach, onion, mushrooms, chestnuts, garlic, pine nuts and blue cheese.