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Tips for Accessing WPT’s Four Channels

Wisconsin Public Television’s four channels – WPT, The Wisconsin Channel, Create, and WPT PBS KIDS – are available over the air via antenna and to all cable and satellite providers. Some cable and satellite providers offer all four, while others currently only offer the WPT flagship channel. If you are not seeing all four channels available on your TV, read our troubleshooting tips to help you find possible solutions.

River Falls Service Notice

We will be upgrading technology on the tower that delivers your over-the-air television signal October 2-3, 2018. This signal disruption will be momentary, but will require a channel rescan. If you watch WPT on cable or satellite, you simply have to turn us back on! BUT if you watch us over the air, you will need to rescan your television to find the new, improved WPT signal. We’ll stay in the same place on your dial; just rescan, and you’ll be ready to watch!

La Crosse Service Notice

WHLA continues to broadcast at slightly reduced power, which will impact some WHLA viewers. WHLA will return to full power on September 7, and on that date over-the-air viewers will need to rescan.

If you receive your television content via cable or satellite, this service period will not be as noticeable, and you will not have to rescan to find WPT channels during or following this work.

Wisconsin Public Television will communicate again via local media, direct mail, web, social media and email when the work is complete and it’s time to rescan.

Audience Services

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821 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706
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Captioning Complaints

Direct both broadcast and online captioning complaints to the following:

Wisconsin Public Television
Attn: Kayleigh Steinback
Audience Services Manager
821 University Avenue
Madison WI 53706
Phone: 800-422-9707
Fax: 608-263-9763

Before sending a formal closed captioning complaint, we recommend that you first contact Audience Services. We may be able to resolve your problem immediately without the need for a formal complaint. We will make every effort to resolve your phone or email inquiry within 24 hours or 1 business day. For written complaints, we will respond within 30 days.

All programming provided by the Wisconsin Public Television (“WPT”) complies with the closed captioning requirements established by the Federal Communications Commission as embodied in 47 C.F.R. § 79.1, including regulations concerning closed captioning quality. Programming provided by PBS complies with these regulations by either: (i) satisfying the caption quality standards set forth in 47 C.F.R. § 79.1(j)(2); (ii) adopting and following the “Video Programmer Best Practices” set forth in 47 C.F.R. § 79.1(k)(1); or (iii) being subject to one or more of the captioning exemptions set forth in 47 C.F.R. § 79.1(d), including programming for which the audio is in a language other than English or Spanish and that is not scripted programming that can be captioned using the “electronic news room” technique; interstitial material, promotional announcements, and public service announcements that are 10 minutes or less in duration; and/or programming that consists primarily of non-vocal music.


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