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Wisconsin Women Making History

Learn about the women who have made an impact in Wisconsin and throughout the world.

Films in this Collection: 

Explores the work of the environmental pioneer from Door County who was willing to fight for the land and the respect of plants and animals.

The comic book superheroine Wonder Woman and popular representations of powerful women are explored.

Martha Stewart, Sheryl Sandberg and other exceptional female business leaders are profiled.

Track the rise of women in the comedy world, from "dangerous" sitcoms to standup and beyond.

Pioneers and power players grow to influence a major American commodity: entertainment.

Women in public office including Elizabeth Warren, Olympia Snowe and Tulsi Gabbard are showcased.

Interviews with astronauts help trace the history of women pioneers in the US space program.

Track American women's increasing participation in war from Vietnam to the present.

Activist Vel Phillips was the first African-American woman elected Wisconsin Secretary of State.

Discover Mildred Fish-Harnack, a Wisconsin native who was the only American woman executed on the direct orders of Adolf Hitler. Actress Jane Kaczmarek narrates the documentary which follows Fish-Harnack from birth in Milwaukee to 1930s Germany and to her eventual arrest and execution in 1942.

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