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Wisconsin Hometown Stories

Wisconsin Hometown Stories tell Wisconsin's history one town at a time. This series of films tells of the people, businesses and events that shaped communities throughout Wisconsin.

Films in this Collection: 

This documentary explores the large, diverse collection of historical organizations in and around Green Bay and uncovers the people who were influential in protecting the area's past.

Discover what it was like to live in 19th-century Wisconsin. The pioneer spirit is richly represented in buildings, costumes and people's reenacted tasks of the period.

Historians, local citizens and experts tell stories of tourism, cherries, art, and geology that capture the history of Door County. Viewers will also explore ethnic heritages that still thrive across the land, its art history, and efforts to preserve both the land and the natural beauty that define one of Wisconsin’s most charming places.

Trace the growth of the city at the mouth of the Fox River from its early days to the present.

Through interviews, photographs and archival footage, follow Janesville's development from its early days as a growing community on the Rock River to the present.

Local citizens and experts tell the story of a central Wisconsin county with a history that has stretched well beyond its own boundaries.

Follows the evolution of the city at the junction of the Mississippi, Black and La Crosse rivers from its earliest days to the present.

Follow the evolution of two cities whose culture, commerce and recreation have been shaped by neighboring Lake Michigan.

Tells the story of a Wisconsin city with a history that has been marked by its people's innovation and civic pride.

Portage Memories is a celebration of the character of a town, its residents and the stories they have to tell about their past as a mirror of the entire state.

Follow the history of Wausau from its milling origins to today's vibrant Central Wisconsin community.

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