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Made In Wisconsin

Showcasing some of the best that Wisconsin has to offer, these films range from Jerry Apps: A Farm Story to Wisconsin From the Air. Made in Wisconsin films capture the people, places and events that contribute to Wisconsin's culture. Additional films that are available, but not listed here are Aldo Leopold: Learning from the Land and Aldo Leopold: Prophet for all Seasons.

Films in this Collection: 

Historian Jerry Apps remembers country winters spent on his family's farm during the Great Depression and World War II.

See whooping cranes, tundra swans, great grey owls and more of the nearly 400 bird species that live in or visit Wisconsin.

"Bottoms Up" celebrates Wisconsin history by exploring the architecture and social history of Wisconsin's bars and breweries.

Travel throughout Wisconsin to profile a number of historically significant gas stations as icons of architecture, economics and pop culture. Produced as a partnership of WPT and the Wisconsin Historical Society.

The portrait of a farm boy's childhood in Waushara County is told through personal memories and photos from the Wild Rose community.

Get ready for a world class wildlife journey. "On the Trail" explores the Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail, a newly completed trail system that invites state residents to visit the best birding and wildlife watching places in each of the state's 72 counties.

Our Birds, An In Wisconsin Special, explores the pressures these birdsface during their migrations. Neotropical migratory birds, neo-trops, can fly more than 3,000 miles one way, and often arrive at their destination exhausted and in need of proper habitat. Find out how people in Wisconsin, Costa Rica and Panama are working to save these tiny travellers.

Visit the stunning Villa Louis, Wadsworth Hall, Wingspread and other extraordinary homes.

Join Jerry Apps as he looks toward the future with an eye on the past, sharing his passion for the land, conservation and local farming with his two grandsons.

Celebrate the rich history of barn architecture in Wisconsin as well as the stories about life on the farm in our state's early years. This documentary also looks at what people today are doing to preserve and restore some of our valuable rural treasures.

This family-friendly program visits with farmers, historians and families rehabbing their barns who believe that saving an old barn is better than knocking it down.

Experience Wisconsin like never before on a breathtaking journey high above the landscape.

Fly over some of Wisconsin's most beloved landmarks and travel inside some of the active pastimes that bring us out into the cold to explore. Loft above running rivers and frozen fields, soar over lighthouses and cityscapes, ski down snow-covered hills and across wandering trails, snowmobile along icy lakes and more.

Explores the history and controversy surrounding the gray wolf's return to Wisconsin, and discovers a unique breed of dog that is effective against predators like wolves.

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