A New Approach to Paleoclimate - Ep. 271

Ian Orland, Research Assistant, Department of Geoscience, UW-Madison

Graduate student Ian Orland explores the general interest in global warming by looking at marine, polar, and terrestrial records of climate changes as well as explaining his own research of high resolution analysis of Sorek Cave stalagmite.

Physics of the Cosmos - Ep. 362

Clint Sprott Professor, Department of Physics, UW-Madison.

Visitors from other planets talk about physics in their part of the Solar system. This presentation is a part of the Wonders of Physics - UW-Madison program aimed at generating interest in physics among people of all ages and backgrounds through entertaining and educational demonstrations of physics.

Wildlife Disease and Why You Should Care - Ep. 262

Christine Marsh, Content Manager, NBII-Wildlife Disease Information Node. Milton Friend, USGS Emeritus Scientist, USGS National Wildlife Health Center

Majority of infectious diseases start with wildlife. Learn about biological and other impacts for society associated with wildlife disease and adjustments needed if society is to dampen the global wave of infectious disease.

Plant and Pathogen Interactions - Ep. 253

Lori Adams-Phillips, Teaching Postdoc, Department of Plant Pathology, UW-Madison

Lori Adams-Phillips gives a brief description of the department of plant pathology at UW-Madison. She moves into a quick overview of plant-pathogen interactions before discussing her research interests and talking about Arabidopsis as a model system.

What We Know About Black Holes in the Universe - Ep. 244

Sebastian Heinz, Assistant Professor, Department of Astronomy, UW-Madison

Dr. Sebastian Heinz conducts research on the observable properties of black holes and their impact on the universe. He talks about what is currently understood about black holes, what is being done to observe and study them, and what we can learn from them.

Darwinism & Intelligent Design - Ep. 242

Elliott Sober, Professor, Department of Philosophy, UW-Madison

Elliott Sober dives into the political controversy of the evolution vs. creationism by explaining a little bit of philosophy as well as history of each perspective.

Speciation and Baby Birds: Haitian Un-Tanagers - Ep. 231

Mara McDonald, Assistant Administrator, UW-Madison Laboratory of Genetics

Mara McDonald speaks about the laboratory of genetics that she works at and explains the work they do there. Their interest lies in evolutionary biology, specifically in observing and studying birds.

Astrobiology: Life in Space? - Ep. 186

Clark Johnson, Professor, Department of Geoscience, UW-Madison

Professor Johnson gives a broad insight of the ins and outs of astrobiology. Everything there is to know about astrobiology from a brief overview, to our own personal participation in it.

Human Goodness - Ep. 171

Yi-Fu Tuan, Professor Emeritu, UW-Madison

Yi-Fu Tuan discusses his latest book entitled "Human Goodness" in which he asks the simple question, "what do we identify and recognize as good?" His book examines what qualities, actions, and characteristics we associate as being good. He looks at isolated incidences, extended periods, and a lifetime of goodness before putting these all together.

75th Anniversary of Warfarin

Tom Link, son of UW-Madison biochemist Karl Paul Link and Dave Nelson, UW-Madison Professor of Biochemistry

Explore the history behind the drug, Warfarin- how it went from a rat pesticide to helping prevent blood clots- and the life of the scientist behind it, Karl Paul Link.


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