Adventures of an International Peace Broker

Joseph Elder, Professor in the Department of Sociology at UW-Madison, joins University Place Presents host Norman Gilliland to share stories of his work to promote peace between India and Pakistan in the 1960s.

Africa's Vibrant Arts: Past and Present

Henry Drewal, Professor in the Department of Art History at UW-Madison, joins University Place Presents host Norman Gilliland to discuss the meaning and symbolism represented in African art throughout the centuries. Drewal also introduces sensiotics, the study of art and the senses as a means for understanding the African cultures.

Hmong Refugee Resettlement

Fred Prehn, DDS, former Wausau School Board member, discusses providing resources and education to Hmong refugees who migrated from South Asia to Wausau in the 1980s.

Don Voegeli and Wisconsin Public Broadcasting

James Voegeli, Son of Don Voegeli, and David Null, Director of UW Archives and Records Management, share the story of Don Voegeli, a prolific composer who wrote the theme song for NPR’s “All Things Considered.” Don Voegeli, a UW professor, worked as Music Director at Wisconsin Public Radio for 41 years. David Null discusses the challenges of preserving the music for the future.

Our 40 Year Love Affair with William Shakespeare

Randall Duk Kim, Former Artistic Director and Co-founder, of American Players Theater and Anne Ochiogrosso, Former Director and Co-founder of American Players Theater, present a tribute to William Shakespeare to celebrate the Bard’s 400-year legacy. Kim and Ochiogrosso discuss the influence Shakespeare’s works have had on their careers.

Sleep and Aging

Steven Barczi, Professor of Geriatrics at UW School of Medicine and Public Health, explores the relationship between sleep and health. Barczi offers strategies for improving the quality of sleep.

History of the Wisconsin State Herbarium

Kenneth Cameron, Director of the Wisconsin State Herbarium at UW-Madison, discusses the importance of the Wisconsin State Herbarium, founded in 1849 by the Board of Regents. The facility contains 1.3 million pressed and dried lichen, plant, and fungi specimens; some from habitats which have disappeared over time.

Should We Be Moral Relativists?

Paul Boghossian, Professor in the Department of Philosophy at New York University, explores the differences between moral absolutism, moral relativism and nihilism within cultural and societal parameters.

The Black Hawk War in Wisconsin

John Hall, Associate Professor in the Department of History at UW-Madison, offers an historical perspective of the conflicts which lead to the Black Hawk War.

Milwaukee's First Mexican Community

Sergio González, Doctoral Student in the Department of History at UW-Madison, explores the history of the Mexican community in Milwaukee during the early twentieth century. González discusses how the discrimination the immigrants faced in their workplaces and neighborhoods fostered a sense of community and ethnic pride.


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