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The PBS Black Culture Connection is your resource and guide to films, stories and voices across public television centered on black history and culture.

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. | A Wisconsin Tribute 2019

Wisconsin's 39th annual "Tribute & Ceremony" celebrates Dr. King's life and legacy through words and music. Dr. Jonathan Øverby hosts the event from the Capitol rotunda in Madison. With the theme, "Truth is Marching," the event honors women as pioneers, change makers and innovators in every field in today's world. Keynote speaker is Rita Coburn, a Peabody and Emmy Award-Winning Director, Writer and Producer with nearly four decades in radio, television and film. Music by MLK Women’s Mass Choir (Composer and Pianist Becca May Grantthe) and The Victory Travelers Quartet.

Art Is Eye-opening Life Journey For Milwaukee Woman

Enter Milwaukee’s Lindsay Heights Neighborhood on the near north side and you’ll find abandoned houses, vacant lots and sometimes the sound of gunfire and violence. This is also the neighborhood where Evelyn Patricia Terry grew up.

Union Of Food And Music An Essential Ingredient To Fort Atkinson Baker

A lot of ingredients go into making a good memory, but for Monica O’Connell, it usually includes butter and sugar. Baking a rum cake can take O’Connell back to when she was a little girl, living in the South.

University Place: Black Suffrage in Early Wisconsin

Christy Clark-Pujara, Associate Professor in the Department of History at UW-Madison, explores the history of black male disenfranchisement during the first years of Wisconsin’s statehood. This exclusion at the ballot box ultimately resulted in Wisconsin becoming the first state where black men could vote.

Vel Phillips: Dream Big Dreams

Wisconsin Public Television tells the story of civil rights leader Vel Phillips. Discover how Vel Phillips achieved an impressive list of "firsts" as part of her legacy, including the first African American judge in Wisconsin and the first woman, and African American, in the nation elected to executive office in state government.

University Place: Civil Rights Photography Beyond the South

Mark Speltz, Author and Historian, explores civil unrest in northern states during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Speltz shares photographs of police brutality, and the activists who fought against segregation and job discrimination in northern cities such as Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland and others..


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