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The PBS Black Culture Connection is your resource and guide to films, stories and voices across public television centered on black history and culture.

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2017 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration

Wisconsin's 37th annual tribute and ceremony celebrates Dr. King's life and legacy through words and music. Dr. Jonathan Overby hosts the annual event from the Capitol rotunda in Madison. Keynote speaker is author entrepreneur Valerie Daniels-Carter. Music by the Kenosha Temper High School Wind Ensemble and the gospel group The Brown Sisters of Chicago.

High School Phenom Exceeds Expectation On Stage And Off

Zaria Roller is a Verona’s High School Exploration Academy student who has found success on stage and in the classroom. Her proud parents have been guiding this young musical talent but no one could have anticipated the feedback from a high profile speech she delivered at the Wisconsin state capitol.

Feast of Crispian: Shakespeare Workshop Helps Veterans Heal

A Shakespeare therapy program at Zablocki VA hospital in Milwaukee that helps treat veterans suffering from PTSD.

Too Many Candles: Milwaukee Gun Violence

Gun-related violence in Milwaukee spiked in 2015. This documentary examines the response by law enforcement and elected officials to the rise in violent crime, and explores programs providing hope for a city working to empower communities to reverse systemic forces of poverty, incarceration and crime.

Vel Phillips: Dream Big Dreams

Wisconsin Public Television tells the story of civil rights leader Vel Phillips. Discover how Vel Phillips achieved an impressive list of "firsts" as part of her legacy, including the first African American judge in Wisconsin and the first woman, and African American, in the nation elected to executive office in state government.

City Within A City: When Pretty Soon Runs Out

In 1968 the inner core of Milwaukee, home to thousands of low-income families, was being torn up for urban renewal projects. This documentary explores the stories and lives of low-income families impacted by that development.


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