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Around the Farm Table

A food and farming adventure, Around the Farm Table connects consumers to small, thoughtful farmers through storytelling, forgotten recipes and entertainment. Hosted by fourth-generation organic dairy farmer Inga Witscher.

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Episode Number: 304

Inga invites friends to her version of a 'Downton Abbey Shooting Breakfast'. She visits Turnip Rock Farm to pick up cheese, bacon and kale. And then learns about fish farming at Eat my Fish near Menomonee. She makes a British kedgeree and braised greens.

Episode Number: 303

Inga makes tea and scones for the farm crew at Indianhead Holstein Farm. She picks up flour from Great River Mill near the village of Pepin. Then she learns how to grow herbs for tea at Sunbow Farm near Eau Claire.

Episode Number: 302

Inga's little nephews visit the farm and help make homemade ice-cream. Inga hitches a ride on a milk truck to Viroqua to find out how to make root beer pop. She then discovers a field full of organic strawberries. Then it's back to the farm for a fun ice cream social for her nephews and their friends.

Episode Number: 301

Inga prepares a "thank you" lunch for her farmer friends who have always been there to lend a helping hand. She prepares a veal roast baked in hay and lemon tarts for dessert!

Episode Number: 208

Since they had to milk on Christmas Day, Inga and Joe invite other folks who had to work for a Boxing Day party at the farm. Before the party can begin, they need to attend to a down cow named Abbey. A cow chiropractor joins Inga to give Abbey an adjustment. Then Inga snowshoes to The Cider Farm in Iowa County for a taste of apple brandy. Back at the farm she makes a figgy pudding for her guests.

Episode Number: 207

Farm dogs are good for lots of things. In winter, Inga’s farm dog Carlos gets to pull her around the countryside on her skis to gather ingredients for a Wisconsin chili. Inga skis into Bull Brook Keep in Clear Lake to learn the ins and outs of grass-fed beef farming and bread making. She also stops at Keppers Pottery and Produce in Turtle Lake to see what a winter CSA looks like.

Episode Number: 206

The Viking game Kubb has taken Wisconsin by storm. Inga and Joe invite some Kubbers to the farm for a tailgate party. Inga heads off for hazelnuts at New Forest Farm to make veggie burgers. She then stops by Valkyrie Brewing Company in Dallas, Wisconsin for Viking beer.

Episode Number: 205

Inga is invited to visit Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa to learn about saving seeds, but first she stops by 45th Parallel Distillery in New Richmond to pick up Wisconsin-grown vodka, which she plans on pairing with the delicious heirloom tomatoes at Seed Savers for a local twist on the Bloody Mary.

Episode Number: 204

It’s fair season and Inga can’t wait to grill some pizzas for the kids who are showing cows. First stop is at Copper Kettle Farm for homegrown garlic, and then it’s over to the Boerson Farm for fresh CSA vegetables.

Episode Number: 203

Inga and Joe get a chance to get away from the farm and go camping “up north.” Inga explores the countryside with wild food expert Sam Thayer to gather ingredients for lunch. She discovers a sheep dairy along the way and gets a taste of their sheep’s milk gelato.

Episode Number: 202

A group of farmers stops by to see the progress of Inga’s pastures. Inga heads off to turn her milk into cheese with her father, then visits Fromagination in Madison to deliver a truckle of the cheese. Next it’s off to Baldwin and Silver Bison Ranch for a roast, which she cooks into pasture picnic sandwiches for her guests.

Episode Number: 201

Inga welcomes a new batch of baby chicks to the farm and learns how to make dandelion wine. She travels to Wisconsin author Michael Perry’s house to collect eggs from his rented hens, then cooks up a soufflé for her book party guests.

Episode Number: 105

Inga prepares a Scandinavian smorgasbord from locally sourced ingredients - in the dead of Wisconsin winter.

Episode Number: 104

Inga, chef Nathan Berg and guests celebrate the end of summer with a pastured poultry dinner on the farm.

Episode Number: 103

Inga tends the sheep at Hidden Springs Creamery, then it's off to Driftless Organics CSA for sunflower oil and a chance encounter with fly fishing.

Episode Number: 102

While planning a picnic for her nephews, Inga gathers black currants at Hilltop Community Farm and visits Deutsch Family Farm to find pastured pork.

Episode Number: 101

Inga shares her passion for grazing dairy cows and delivers "haymaker's punch" to the workers using old-fashioned Austrian Scythes.

Episode Number: 0


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