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Around the Farm Table

A food and farming adventure, Around the Farm Table connects consumers to small, thoughtful farmers through storytelling, forgotten recipes and entertainment. Hosted by fourth-generation organic dairy farmer Inga Witscher.

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Episode Number: 1101107

They were known as the "Hello Girls" - American women fluent in French & English who answered the urgent call for telephone operators needed in France during World War I. They took oaths to join the U.S. Army Signal Corps, heading to war before most Americans arrived in France, connected 26 million calls & ultimately proved to be a critical factor in winning the war. And then they were forgotten.

Episode Number: 1101105

A documentary about the journey & spirit of Alex Rust, a farm boy turned day trader who abandoned his yuppie life in Chicago, bought a modest sailboat, & set out to sail around the world. What followed was a 4 year adventure that took Alex to the farthest corners of the globe. 'Chasing Bubbles' is a story of one man's search for fulfillment by pushing everything in his world to the absolute limit.

Episode Number: 1101104

As the last crusading member of the utopian movement Lawsonomy, 90 year old Merle Hayden works tirelessly to spread the gospel and preserve the legacy of his Commander, Alfred Lawson. Lawson created the Direct Credits Society, an economic-reform movement that thousands joined. Nearly 60 years after Lawson’s death, Merle continues distributing Lawson’s writings hoping to find new followers.

Episode Number: 1101102

The 60 Yard Line is based on a true story and centers around Packer fan Ben “Zagger” Zagowski and his best friend, Bears fan, Nick Polano who buy a house in the parking lot of Lambeau Field; the legendary home of the Green Bay Packers. The house, nicknamed The 60 Yard Line, comes in between Zagger and his longtime fiancé.

Episode Number: 60608

Inga visits Cherry Tree Mushroom Farm and America’s Largest Pheasant Farm in Janesville to gather ingredients for the Book Club’s lunch with John Hildebrand, author of ‘Mapping the Farm.’

Episode Number: 60607

Inga prepares a “Friendsgiving” feast for her farmer friends. Fresh organic cranberries, hard cider and homemade pumpkin pie will be served.

Episode Number: 60606

Inga welcomes a brand new calf to the farm and then travels to learn about Mangalitsa Hogs and discovers how to grow hops in Wisconsin. This week’s recipe Blue Corn Nachos for happy hour on the farm.

Episode Number: 60605

Bailing hay can be hard work and the body needs time to rest, relax and restore. With that in mind, Inga will be cooking up a Korean chicken soup for her neighbors. The ingredients include homegrown rice from Mequon, pastured poultry and ginseng from Marathon County.

Episode Number: 60604

Volunteer firefighters are the backbone of rural emergency services. Inga and Cousin CeCe prepare the volunteers a meal of Waygu beef, stops by the largest horseradish producer in the world and checks out an urban yard in Eau Claire that has been converted into a garden paradise.

Episode Number: 60603

Inga celebrates midsummer fest, one of the most popular holidays in Scandinavia. Inga gathers the ingredients for a traditional Scandinavian Smorgastrata sandwich cake.

Episode Number: 60602

The idea for Earth Day was born in Wisconsin and upon the 50th Anniversary Inga goes foraging the landscape for wild greens, visits a bison farm that is nurturing the land and shows what it takes to restore a Wisconsin prairie.

Episode Number: 60601

Spring is about to arrive on the farm and Inga ventures out for the start of maple syrup season. She also gets an early taste of summer with microgreens. Rack of lamb and a fresh spring salad are on the menu.

Episode Number: 508

There’s something new on the farm! Inga picks up two beautiful Welsh Cob Ponies as a birthday surprise for her nephews. Later, Inga gathers goat butter at Nordic Creamery in Westby, then stops at the Driftless Folk School in Viroqua and a root cellar to pick up ingredients for a chocolate beet birthday cake.

Episode Number: 507

After a long day of farm chores, it’s time for yoga in the barn to soothe away aches and pains. Inga checks out Amanda’s Eggs in Tilden, Wisconsin and serves vegetable strata to her farmer yoga friends, along with dill aquavit to quench their thirst.

Episode Number: 506

Inga finds out about new drone technology on the farm before biking the Lake Superior shore. She’s intrigued by how the local co-op works with farmers and the community on sustainably-raised, high-quality food. Inga also explores the farm-to-table movement in Ashland.

Episode Number: 505

Inga makes a ploughman’s lunch for a world champion sheepherder, picks up some heritage wheat in Mount Pleasant, learns how to grow herbs near Amery and visits Wisconsin’s very own Jung Seed in Randolph.

Episode Number: 504

What does it take to start your own cheese-making business? Inga is on a mission to find out, with stops at Darlington Dairy Supply and Saxon Creamery. Then it is up to Door County to visit a new cheese cave. Once she’s gathered what she needs, it’s time to head back to the farm to feed some hungry 4-H kids a cheesy snack.

Episode Number: 503

Spring has arrived on the farm! Inga is off to get some new baby chicks in far northern Wisconsin and check out Gloucestershire Old Spots piglets across the border in Minnesota. Then it’s back to the farm to prepare a spring nettles pesto pasta.

Episode Number: 502

Inga prepares a bachelorette lunch for cousin CeCe at the beautiful and historic Ten Chimneys estate. Lowline Angus beef is served along with a chance encounter at the garden of Inga’s TV idol.

Episode Number: 501

It is fall harvest time and Inga prepares a “thank you” meal for the farm friends that helped her undertake a new adventure with garlic. Scottish Highland beef and an apple turnover are served.

Episode Number: 408

Paul Bunyan never ate so good. Inga visits her neighbors’ Hereford beef ranch and also learns about logging a forest using horses, then makes a hearty, beefy Logger Pie and Irish soda bread for the logging crew.

Episode Number: 407

Inga walks down the aisle – actually, the hayloft stairs – and says her “I do's” in her barn between milkings. She picks up a sustainably grown bouquet in East Troy, then learns about growing hickory nuts in Wisconsin. She bakes a hickory nut wedding cake with cream cheese frosting.

Episode Number: 406

Inga visits the historic Hoard’s Dairyman farm and the UW Research Station, where she helps milk some sheep. Then Inga bakes some desserts for the Alice in Dairyland reunion.

Episode Number: 405

Cheers to the Soil Sisters! Inga celebrates women in agriculture with Door County whitefish caviar and a toast of Wisconsin bubbly.

Episode Number: 404

Inga goes back to school: a children's garden at an Eau Claire elementary school. She makes blueberry yogurt popsicles and tasty carrot sorbet – that's one way to get kids to eat their veggies!

Episode Number: 403

Inga discovers the importance of dung beetles on her farm. She visits a potato farm and learns about growing sorghum for whiskey. For an afternoon party, Inga and chef Nathan Berg make some unique Wisconsin craft cocktails and lefse hors d’oeuvres.

Episode Number: 402

Inga takes a mini-vacation. After visiting a robotic dairy farm, she meets up with her cousin CeCe on Washington Island. Amidst a lavender field, they cook the catch of the day and make a panna cotta dessert.

Episode Number: 401

Wisconsin author Nickolas Butler is invited to Inga’s book club lunch. Inga visits a mushroom farm and picks up veggies at a biodynamic farm, then cooks shiitake soup and crispy socca flatbread with pesto and arugula for her guests.

Episode Number: 308

Inga visits a quail farm and finds out about the Beginning Farmer Project. After milking, some of Inga's biking friends visit the farm and Inga serves them a meal of pickled quail eggs, lamb ragù and fresh homemade pasta.

Episode Number: 307

Inga sets off to learn what it means to be part of a community. She visits a century-old church, travels to Eau Claire and helps her Amish friend move his pigs to a fresh pasture. Back in her kitchen, she makes some pickles and bakes up a vegetable pie with lard crust for The Church Ladies Picnic.


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