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Watch Wisconsin War Stories: Vietnam

Telling emotional stories that haven't been heard before, Wisconsin Vietnam War veterans recount their experiences in a three-hour television documentary.


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Part 1: Escalation

Early events that set the conflict and United States participation in Vietnam are outlined. Wisconsin Vietnam veterans share stories of strong bonds of combat brotherhood that came from increasing adversity. Members of the Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy recall the allure, challenges and heartbreaking loss of early combat against the increasingly rampant advance of the Viet Cong.

Part 2: Turning Point

As the war waged on, scenes of deadly attacks are juxtaposed with the American public's increasing animosity toward the war. The Tet Offensive shocked both soldiers and the world due to previous beliefs that the enemy was incapable of such an effort of massive military force. Veterans reflect on the staggering casualties in Vietnam, and describe their own modes of coping with the reality of war.

Part 3: Draw Down

Though the war began to wane, dangerous missions continued against the North Vietnamese Army. Veterans recall scenes during the last major battles, where many lives were lost in the jungle terrain. Secret missions in Laos helped combat enemy threats against the Hmong population. As the U.S. began to pull back troops, thousands of refugees were evacuated and POWs were finally released back home.

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Initial major funding for Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories and LZ Lambeau has been provided by Don and Roxanne Weber and Associated Bank.


Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories and LZ Lambeau™ are a partnership of Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, the Wisconsin Historical Society and Wisconsin Public Television. 


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