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La Crosse: Online Resources

Explore the following books and Web sites for more insight into La Crosse's history.
History of La Crosse

A History of La Crosse, Wisconsin in the Twentieth Century. 
Personal historians and former La Crosse Tribune reporters Susan T. Hessel and Gayda Hollnagel tell the stories of the people who built La Crosse. 750 pages.

La Crosse History Unbound

La Crosse History Unbound 
Learn more about La Crosse County history through these digitalized collections from La Crosse Public Library and Murphy Library, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. The Public Library has digitized historic city directories, many local and state government documents related to the city and newspaper articles from the La Crosse Tribune. Besides providing access to the pictorial and general histories of La Crosse and locales within the county, Murphy Library has also prepared and presented masters’ theses and seminar papers related to La Crosse. The Murphy Library staff has also tackled some very difficult material to present on the web, such as an early parade film originally mastered on dangerous nitrate film.

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La Crosse County Historical Society

Preservation Alliance of La Crosse

Hometown Stories: La Crosse

Early history

Early History

Bryant, Benjamin F.  Memoirs of La Crosse County. La Crosse, Wis.:
Brookhaven Press, 1907. <>.

Butterfield, Consul Willshire.  History of La Crosse County, Wisconsin Containing an Account of its Settlement, Growth, Development and Resources : An Extensive and Minute Sketch of its Cities, Towns and Villages-Their Improvements, Industries, Manufactories, Churches, Schools and Societies : Its War Record, Biographical Sketches, Portraits of Prominent Men and Early Settlers. La Crosse, Wis.: University of Wisconsin—La Crosse, 1881. <>.

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Toole, Robert C.  Behind the Lines, the La Crosse Packet Company During the Civil War. Boston: Business History Review, 1960.<>.



Boszhardt, Robert.  “Native American Cemeteries.” Web page. La Crosse County Cemeteries. 2000. La Crosse, Wis.: La Crosse Public Library. <>.

Boszhardt, Robert.  “The Great River: A Closer Look.”  River & Road. Web page. 2002. Wisconsin Public Television. <>.

Wisconsin Archaeology Month 2005: Communities at a Crossroads
Throughout Wisconsin’s history, communities have faced challenges and have overcome them by working together and adapting to their new situations. To illustrate the 2005 Archaeology Month theme, the Office of the State Archaeologist chose to highlight the Oneota communities that thrived here in the last millennium before Euro-American contact.



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Medicine Men

Medicine Men

Doerflinger, William.  “White Beaver’s March”.  La Crosse, Wis.:Doerflinger, William, 1884. <
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Handy, Jam Organiztion, “Autolite on Parade,” a tour of Electric Autolite’s 23 plants, finishing with a stop-motion product parade. 

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Upper Mississippi Wildlife Refuge, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

College Town

College Town

Bertelsen, Kevin and Winrich, Mary Fran. Celebrate 75
University of Wisconsin—La Crosse. La Crosse, Wis.: The University, 1985. <>.

The Rag-Tag and the Bobtail / John B. Coleman, 1971

Hessel, Susan T. and Hollnagel, Gayda.  A History of La Crosse, Wisconsin in the Twentieth Century.  La Crosse:  The La Crosse County Historical Society, 2007.

Early history

Ebb & Flow

Amlaw, Patrick.  “Contested Memories: G. Heileman Brewery, Working-Class Leisure, and the Origins of Oktoberfest in La Crosse.” University of La Crosse Journal of Undergraduate Research 8 (2005): 1-6. <>

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General Resources

Editing a promotional video.

Hessel, Susan T. and Hollnagel, Gayda.  A History of La Crosse, Wisconsin in the Twentieth Century.  La Crosse:  The La Crosse County Historical Society, 2007.

La Crosse History Unbound.  La Crosse Public Library and Murphy Library, UW-La Crosse.  <>.

La Crosse Public Library. “La Crosse City Directories.” <>.

La Crosse Public Library and Murphy Library, UW-La Crosse.  “History of an Urban Wetland.”  Web page.  2005. <>.

Larson, Margaret, “For the Common Good: A History of Women's Roles in La Crosse County, 1920 – 1980,” League of Women Voters of the La Crosse Area. <>

Lee, Charles; Van Alstine, Rachel; Otto, Jennifer and Przybylski, Heather. “La Crosse, Wisconsin: An Ecological History, 2004.” La Crosse, Wis.: University of Wisconsin—La Crosse. 2004. <>.

Marcou, David J., “Spirit of La Crosse: A Grassroots History,” La Crosse, Wis.: D. J. Marcou: Western Wisconsin Technical College, 2000.

Nissen, Ruth. “Miles of Isles: Restoring Island Habitat in the Broad Expanse of the Upper Mississippi River Benefits Fish, Wildlife and Local Communities.”  Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine Oct. 2005. <>.

Rausch, Joan M.  Historic La Crosse Architectural and Historic Record: A Summary of an Intensive Survey Report Prepared for City Planning Department, City of La Crosse, Wisconsin.  La Crosse, Wis.: Architectural Researches, Inc. and Historical Resources, Inc., 1984. <>.

Sanford, Albert H., and H. J. Hirsheimer. A History of La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1841-1900. La Crosse, Wis.: La Crosse County Historical Society, 1951.

United States Census Bureau.  Statistics of Hispanic and Hmong Populations in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000.

University of Wisconsin—La Crosse.  “Digital Resources Authored at Murphy Library and Beyond.”  Web page. 2006.>


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La Crosse: Online Resources

Explore books, manuscripts, video, virtual walking tours and Web sites related to La Crosse.