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My Breast Cancer

My Breast Cancer

Part of Ep. 1704 Horsetails, Tropicals & Tree Peonies

Producer Shelley Ryan reveals that she just concluded treatment for breast cancer. She stresses the importance of regular breast exams and mammograms.

Premiere date: Jun 24, 2009

Wisc Gardener Transcript: 

Before we end today's program I'd like to talk a little bit about the show and what's been happening in my own life.  Some of you may have noticed some drastic changes to my hairstyle and length.  Some segments for the Wisconsin Gardener such as the gorgeous tree peonies were taped a year ago, back in the summer of 2008 so that we can bring you blooming flowers at exactly the right time of year.  Other segments, such as my visit to Vaughn James' garden were taped just a few weeks ago. 

Well, between the summer of 2008 and the spring of 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The tumor was very small but my treatment did involved eight rounds of chemotherapy.  Now, I'm not telling you this so you'll feel sorry for me, although I can be bribed with chocolate and pie! I'm telling you this in the hope that women listening to me will get regular annual mammograms. 

I'm one of the success stories.  We caught my cancer early because of regular mammograms.  So, getting back to my hair, hence the drastic changes. 

In this show, we go from my very long hair to the wig I wore during chemotherapy to my new, extremely short hair.  As my slightly balding husband says at least mine will grow back. 

I hope you won't let my hair distract you from enjoying the Wisconsin Gardener.  To learn more about topics discussed today please check out our Web site: I'm Shelley Ryan, thanks for watching.  And I'll see you next time on the Wisconsin Gardener. 


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