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Teens and Perscription Drugs

Teens and Perscription Drugs

Sheds light on the prevalence of prescription drug abuse in Wisconsin and examines statewide efforts to educate teens and their families about the risks of prescription drug abuse. Learn about prescription drug abuse, its effects and user's warning signs, and discover a support network for teens and families coping with addiction.

Premiere date: Mar 17, 2015

About the Program

On the live, call-in program, learn about prescription drug abuse, its effects and user's warning signs, and discover a support network for teens and families coping with addiction.  The program will feature the story of Lauri McHugh-Badura, whose son Archie died from a drug overdose in 2014. Since her son's death, Lauri has educated others about drug abuse by sharing her son's story with families that may be in search of answers.

As many as one in five teens have taken a prescription drug without having a prescription for it themselves, according to a report by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. This behavior cuts across geographic, racial, ethnic and socioeconomic boundaries. The Partnership for Drug-free Kids report found that while boys are more likely to abuse prescription stimulants to get high, girls typically abuse them to stay alert or to lose weight. The vast majority of teens who abuse prescription drugs get them from the medicine cabinets of friends, family and acquaintances. A small minority get them illicitly from doctors, pharmacists or over the Internet.

Featured guests on the program include: former drug addicts Allyn Schaal and Kelsey Demar, and Brigette Henschel, whose daughter died from a drug overdose and who will talk about prevention efforts in Wisconsin. Also speaking on the show are Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel, the director of the Brown County Drug Task Force, Lt. David Poteat, the founder and president of DarJune Cafe Recovery Center, Mandy Suthers, and Aurora BayCare Medical Center Emergency Medicine Physician Jane Witman.

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