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About Sewing With Nancy


Nancy Zieman Bio 
Nancy Zieman (June 21, 1953 – November 14, 2017) was an American author, designer, businesswomen, TV producer, blogger and national sewing authority, and host of the popular show Sewing With Nancy®, which appears exclusively on public television stations across the United States and Canada. You can also watch Sewing With Nancy® online at nancyzieman.comLearn more about Nancy.

Customer Service Info
If you have questions pertaining to the products used or techniques demonstrated on Sewing With Nancy, please contact the Customer Service Department at Nancy's Notions: 800.245.5116 or custserv@nancysnotions.com from 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Central Time, Monday–Friday.
About Sewing with Nancy

Sewing With Nancy® is a co-production of Wisconsin Public Television and Nancy Zieman Productions. Broadcast since September 1982, the program is the longest-airing sewing series on television. The first Sewing With Nancy® programs aired on cable TV. Initially, the programs were videotaped in Nancy’s living room with a camera crew of one person and long 13-hour taping days. In the early years, Nancy ran a one-woman show developing the scripts, sewing the samples, and taping the programs.

Every episode of Sewing With Nancy®, was organized by Nancy in a how-to format, concentrating on step-by-step instructions, with scripts written by Nancy. Other than the early years, a team assisted Nancy with planning the program, developing the samples, and writing and illustrating the books. Nancy frequently quipped, “The show should really be called Sewing With Nancy, Donna, Pat, Kate, Diane, Laure, Lois, Sharen, and Deanna”.

Since 1992, Wisconsin Public Television in Madison, Wis. has been Nancy’s partner in television production with Laurie Gorman serving as the executive director for the past 25 years.



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