Tashai Lovington and Robert Lughai, "Mad City Chickens"

Tashai Lovington and Robert Lughai, "Mad City Chickens"

Premiere date: Aug 28, 2008

Witness if you will Gallus Domesticus ... the backyard chicken. A mere few pounds of feather, bone, and muscle; a creature regarded by many as a rather humorous, though not so intelligent agent of food production. And yet, make note of a most singular phenomenon now taking shape across suburb and city. From backyard eggs to the family's new favorite pet, the urban chicken is forging a fresh place in the pecking order of human importance. Mad City Chickens deftly weaves multiple stories and contextual issues on city chickens and their keepers in a non-linear fashion that one rarely sees in a documentary. From leading experts to urban newbies, experience the humor and heart of what's fast becoming an international backyard chicken movement.


Tashai Lovington | Director/Producer

Tashai Lovington is a graduate from the University of Illinois at Chicago where she studied film, photography, and digital media. Her student film, 3rd Rail Band, which aired on television, invited viewers down into the bowels of the Chicago subway to witness musicians who otherwise might never see the light of day. As producer of the short, La Fe’e Rouge, Lovington was honored with the Audience Award in the 2006 PBS/ITVS sponsored Independent Lens Film Festival.


Robert Lughai

Robert Lughai is currently Education Director & Program Coordinator for television station WYOU in Madison, Wisconsin. He’s collaborated on numerous films with Tashai Lovington, having formed Tarazod Films. Lughai directed their award winning short, La Fe’e Rouge. Up next? Several projects are in the works.

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