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Seth Hedrington and Nick Holle, "Illegal Use of Joe Zopp"

Seth Hedrington and Nick Holle, "Illegal Use of Joe Zopp"

Premiere date: Aug 28, 2008

When Joe Zopp's out-of-touch parents squander the proceeds of his finest invention, he skips town, vowing never to return. Seven years later, while leading a life of anonymity, Zopp runs into an old classmate who tells him that everyone back in his hometown thinks he's dead, forcing him to return to unravel the mystery of his own death. Zopp was shot on location in Chippewa Falls from July 31, 2006 to September 3, 2006. Additional shooting took place in Eau Claire, Chicago and Toledo, Ohio.


Seth Hedrington | Producer/Actor

Seth Hedrington was born and raised in Wisconsin. He got his degree in Finance and Risk Management from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and while he has little formal training in theatre and the arts, he did have an "Art with Clay" class in high school, so he thinks he has the gist of it. Seth is the guy behind the scenes that does all the little things the average viewer wouldn't think about. If you're not thinking about it, he probably did it. This is his first role as a drunk in a movie.


Nick Holle | Producer/Writer/Editor/Lead Actor

Nick Holle is a man. He is also a graduate of high school, the University of Wisconsin, and the University of Southern California, in that order. He has worked in the copy business, in title insurance, catering, the staffing "industry", and once at a toy company (where there wasn't much work to do, only fun to be had). He was a comedy writer and editor for, which is defunct. As co-writer, co-producer, and co-egomaniac of Zopp, Nick was able to co-give himself the titular role in the film. It's his first.

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