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Halloween Special: William J. Meyer, Ben Wydeven, Doug Gordon

Halloween Special: William J. Meyer, Ben Wydeven, Doug Gordon

Premiere date: Sep 01, 2009

"The House That Jack Built"

Inside every man is a secret. Inside every secret is a lie. Jack builds a home for his new wife Liz along the edge of an idyllic forest, and their marital paradise seems assured. But when a secret from Jack’s past threatens to consume him, he must decide between deceiving his wife and losing her for all time.


"The Medium"

Raven James and his girlfriend are walking by a rundown movie theater when Raven notices a ghostly woman standing inside. Later, Raven returns to the theater in order to get to the bottom of this mystery, and we quickly learn two things: one, Raven is a medium, and two, the owner of this theater isn't too keen on people poking around in his building. What has he got to hide, and why is he so edgy about someone investigating these supernatural events?


"Zombeatles: All You Need Is Brains"

This short film was written and directed by Doug Gordon, and shot and edited by Madison filmmaker Ben Wydeven. Running a very television-friendly 22 minutes in length, the mockumentary that recast the story of The Beatles in an undead world. The film is presented in the format similar to an episode of Behind the Music, the long-running VH1 biographical series that followed the stories of musicians and bands across the ups and downs of their careers. Angus MacAbre (Gordon) serves as host of this particular program, which couples his narration with commentary by other undead music notables and stylized "archival" footage of the band in action to tell a tale about the fall and rise of, arguably, the greatest zombie band ever to shamble on stage.


William J. Meyer | Director ("The House That Jack Built")

William J. Meyer has been making short films ever since the 1980s, when he and his younger brother ran through a Wisconsin forest toting a gargantuan VHS camcorder. He first fell in love with cinema when a montage of clips from the films of Akira Kurosawa aired on the Academy Awards.

William directed "The House That Jack Built" when an eye toward DIY visual effects. Incorporating video, photography, and computer-generated images, his final composites merged the real and the unreal to create a modern-day faerie tale-horror-romance.


Ben Wydeven | Director/Writer Producer/Editor ("The Medium")

Ben Wydeven has been writing, directing his own movies since he was 16. He began taking his filmmaking pursuits more seriously while attending college at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point where he earned a bachelors degree in Communications.

Ben's latest film, a horror thriller entitled The Medium has won several awards including Best of Horror (Wildwood Film Festival) and Best Short (WYOU Film Festival, 2008).  Ben recently shot and edited The Zombeatles: All You Need is Brains. He gave acting a shot with a short HD comedy called The Pick Up Line which he also wrote and edited. Ben currently lives in Madison.


Doug Gordon | Director/Writer ("Zombeatles")

Doug Gordon is originally from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Armed with a BFA degree in Creative Writing and a Creative Communications diploma, he's done his best to make public radio more creative and entertaining throughout North America.

In the This Canadian Existence episode of his critically-acclaimed special radio series, New Audio Showroom, Gordon tried to answer the provocative question, "Are Canadians just Americans who carry hockey sticks instead of guns, or is there more to it than that?"

Gordon has also acted in such Winnipeg Film Group independent productions as The  Exquisite Corpse and he played the title characteran adaptation of Franz Kafka’s classic short story, The Hunger Artist. Unfortunately, the craft services on this production left a lot to be desired.

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