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Malcolm Brett

Director of Broadcasting and Media Innovations

Malcolm Brett is director of Broadcast and Media Innovations of University of Wisconsin Extension. He is responsible for Wisconsin Public Television, Wisconsin Public Radio and Media Innovations applied to broadcasting and education. Media Innovations includes research involving interactive/enhanced television, video delivery over Internet 2 and media asset management. Brett previously held the position of director of television for WPT.

In 2008, he was elected for a three-year term to the PBS board of directors. During the past two decades at WPT, Brett also has served as a production manager for the national program New Tech Times, corporate development manager, director of development and executive director of Friends of WPT.

His extensive knowledge of television production includes strategic planning, budgeting, government relations and community relations. He was named PBS Development Professional of the Year in 1998 for his involvement and expertise in corporate development and fundraising. Brett has spearheaded WPT's digital conversion, and has helped guide, design, fund or implement various WPT national public television models, including Evolving the Links, Best Practices in Journalism, Portal Wisconsin, Wisconsin Stories and SafeNight USA.

Phone: 608-263-9598

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