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STEAM Education Specialists

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Are you passionate about using media to activate curiosity in middle and high school-aged learners? Do you consider yourself to be an inspired, industrious learner? You may be just right for the brand new initiative The Timothy William Trout Education Innovation Lab. The Lab is a partnership between Wisconsin Public Television, the Illuminating Discovery Hub, and the UW-Madison School of Education. These organizational superpowers will work together with teachers and students to design and create innovative, high-quality digital media resources for classroom use. Our goal is to activate and nurture the discovery, inquiry, and curiosity that leads to lifelong learning.

Wisconsin Public Television is hiring a trio of STEAM education learning activators:

  1. “Why! Education Navigator” (STEAM Learning Specialist) who will be our compass, grounded in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Wisconsin Standards for Science (WSS) and orienting the Lab’s direction.
  2. “How! Education Engineer” (Instructional Designer) who will develop inventive ways to engage classrooms using digital media, technology, and participation strategies.
  3. “What! Education Storyteller” (Media Producer) who will lead the creation of engaging media resources. 

These positions will be responsive to the talent that joins our candidate pool. As such, you are encouraged to look at all three position listings and may apply to more than one. The cohort hired will be primarily responsible for The Timothy William Trout Education Innovation Lab, but will also be fully part of, and contribute to Wisconsin Public Television as a whole. Please click on the three links above to look at the individual position descriptions. For best consideration, please apply by February 21, 2019.