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Physical Control (Methods to Control Invasive Plants)

Visit the Olbrich Botanical Gardens where Jeff Epping, director of horticulture, compares different physical methods for controlling aggressive plants.

Garlic Mustard

Cynthia Harrington shares a strategy to assist backyard gardens that are being choked by an incredibly fast-moving invasive weed called garlic mustard. She suggests you eat it!

Eat Your Dandelions!

Some people look at dandelions and think "weeds."  We look at these and think, "lunch!"

Pulling Dandelions

Learn how how to physically remove dandelions from the yard without the use of chemicals.

Don't Touch It! Poison Ivy!

Judith Reith-Rozelle, Assistant Superintendent at the West Madison Ag Research Station, helps us learn about the spread of poison ivy plants, how to identify them and what to do if you come in contact with them. Shelley Ryan also a closer look at eco-friendly pots.

Identifying Wild Parsnip

UW-Extension Horticulture Educator Lisa Johnson describes what dangers Wild Parsnip presents to human and native plants and how to combat it.

Keeping Weeds From Coming Back With Wild Ginger

Neil Diboll, owner of Prairie Nursery in Pardeeville, shows how to replace weeds with wild ginger.

Growing Horsetails: The Pros and Cons

Horsetails are an ancient plant, but they can be invasive. Learn how to control this rambunctious runner at Rotary Gardens in Janesville with Director of Horticulture Mark Dwyer.

Growing Ornamental Bamboo

Ornamental bamboo. It’s new. It’s hot. And some of the varieties are very tall.

Green Weed Control

Dr. Astrid Newenhouse, UW-Madison horticulturist shares green weeding solutions you can find in your own kitchen - dish soap, vinegar, boiling water, corn gluten meal. Other safe solutions include a propane tank flame thrower and BurnOut, an herbicide made with natural ingredients.


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