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New Weeds from the South

Climate change means new and stronger weeds. University of Wisconsin-Extension weed specialist Mark Renz shows how climate change will turn some of our existing weeds such as Canada thistle into super weeds. Plus, a look at some new weed threats from the south.

Eating Weeds

Join Dr. Astrid Newenhouse, UW-Extension horticulturist, to learn the benefits of eating weeds.  Add common purslane, dandelion and lambsquarter to your salads.

Growing a Healthy Lawn

Growing and maintaining a healthy lawn can be achieved with a minimal amount of work and chemicals! Shelly Ryan joins Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology, Extension Specialist Jim Kerns at the O.J. Noer Turfgrass Research Facility to learn how proper mowing, fertilizing and pest control keep lawns green and lush.

Annual Weeds and Control

Hoe and mulch to rid your garden of weeds like galinsoga and common purslane.   Herb Hopin, UW-Madison horticulture professor, discusses garden problems associated with annual weeds and offers tips to control them.

Reclaiming a Weedy Lawn

Using a "freedom lawn" at the O. J. Noer Turfgrass Center, Amy Sausen discusses what works and what doesn't when dealing with a weed infested lawn.

Invasive Perennials

Visit the Flower Factory in southern Wisconsin.  Co-owner Nancy Nedveck discusses invasive perennials--plants that return year after year and spread by either re-seeding or by their roots.

A Common Pesticide is Banned for Home Use

Join IPM Outreach Specialist Karen Delahaut and learn why the EPA banned lorsban or dursban for home use.

Purple Loosestrife

Learn more about the invasive plant, purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria).  Botanist David Kopitzke explains why this perennial is such a menace--and illegal in Wisconsin.

Creeping Charlie

Join Extension Weed Specialist Larry Binning as he discusses chemical and physical methods for controlling the invasive plant, creeping charlie.


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