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Celebrating Shelley Ryan

Celebrates the life of the beloved host and features favorite moments through the years.

Moss Roses: A Carefree Tough Annual

At Rotary Botanical Gardens in Janesville, meet the tough and colorful annual — Moss Roses — that is the perfect solution for hot, dry locations.

Vertical Gardening

At Rotary Botanical Gardens in Janesville look to the sky for some vertical gardening inspiration.

Anderson Japanese Gardens

Visit our neighbors to the south to see what is considered one of the premier Japanese gardens in North America, Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, Ill.

Eagle Heights: The Oldest U.S. Community Garden

We visit with Robin Mittenthal at one of the oldest and largest community gardens in the country, which happens to be right here in Wisconsin. The Eagle Heights Community Gardens was founded in the 1950s and now has 520 plots.  That’s a lot of produce and it’s grown by UW-Madison students and their families from all over the world.

Allen Centennial Gardens

Started in the 1980's Allen Centennial Gardens has grown into a blooming jewel on the western part of the UW-Madison campus.  It is both a public garden and a teaching garden and well worth a visit.

Sisson's Peony Garden

There’s another reason to drive slowly through the Village of Rosendale and it has nothing to do with the speed limit.  Despite being famous (and proud of it) as a community that takes its speed limit seriously, Rosendale was originally famous as the peony capital of Wisconsin.  Visit the original garden that put it on the map.

Riverside International Friendship Gardens

Tour the gardens of China, Germany, Russia and more at the Riverside International Friendship Gardens on the banks of the Mississippi River in La Crosse.

Community Gardens

Visit the Kenosha Sprouts Youth Garden Project.  Kenosha County Extension Horticulturist Tom Kalb explains how a community garden has transformed the young people in the community.

The Gardens of Taliesin

Travel to rural Spring Green for a special tour of the gardens at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin. Frances Nemtin, master gardener for the Taliesin Estate in Spring Green, gives a tour of the gardens. Since the end of World War II, she has participated in every aspect of life at Taliesin.


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