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Trees to Plant Instead of Ash

Extension woody ornamental specialist Dr. Laura Jull discusses alternatives to ash trees. The Emerald ash borer has been devastating ash trees throughout the Midwest. Planting alternative species is a great way to prevent a mass destruction by an insect pest. Alternative trees include Baldcypress, Miyabe Maple, Kentucky Coffeetree, Triumph elm, Frontier elm, Chinkapin Oak.


At Green Woman Herbs in Mineral Point, Shelley Ryan talks with owner Diane Bober who grows more than 27 varieties of rosemary. Bober shares tips for controlling insects and overwintering rosemary.

Diseases Caused by Too Much Water

When there is too much rain, leaf diseases  such as anthracnose, bacterial blight, leaf streak, Guignardia leaf spot, apple scab, are on the rise.  Find out how to recognize and fight them with UW-Extension plant pathologist Brian Huddleston.

New Insecticides For Gardeners

Discover new insecticides from UW-Madison Extension entomologist Phil Pellitteri. Insecticides based on plant oils include clove, peanut, soybean, wintergreen and sesame seed oils. Other products include Diatomaceous Earth, Spinosad, Neem oil and natural chemicals like piperonyl butoxide, pyrethrum and 2-phenylpropionate. Pellitteri also explains why a natural product isn't necessarily organic.


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