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Eastern Tent Caterpillars

Damage wrought by the Eastern Tent Caterpillar is only cosmetic. Entomologist Phil Pellitteri explains natural methods for controlling the insect.

Dormant Oil Sprays

Apply dormant oil to trees in the early spring to control insects living on the trees during the winter.  Entomologist Dan Mahr explains the differences between dormant and summer oil insecticides.

Wild Silkworms

Join Entomologist Phil Pellitteri and learn about the wild silk worm, an insect that can be quite startling but doesn't really cause any problems.

Getting Rid of Scale

Learn about Integrated Pest Management. UW-Madison Green House Director Dr. Mohammad Fayyaz explains how this method can control insect scales on plants.

Powdery Mildew (Garden Diseases)

Learn how to tackle powdery mildew.  Plant pathologist Brian Hudelson explains which plants are susceptible to the disease and how to get help from the UW-Extension.

Iris Borer

Join UW-Extension Entomologist Phil Pellitteri as he delves into the problems of the iris borer.

Insect Problems in New Beds

Meet with UW-Madison Extension Entomologist Phil Pelliteri as he tackles the common white grub and the wire worm. Learn new ways to minimize insect problems in new vegetable and flower beds.

Organic Apples (Pests in the Orchard)

Join UW-Extension Entomologist, Dan Mahr as he discusses the challenge of raising apples organically.

How to Get Help for Sick Plants

Properly prepare samples of sick or diseased plants before sending them to the lab.  Plant Pathologist Brian Hudelson, director of the UW-Extension Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic, explains how.

Japanese Beetle

UW-Extension entomologist Phil Pellitteri discusses the invasive Japanese Beetle.


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