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New Insects on the Horizon Thanks to Climate Change

Climate change has already brought new insects to Wisconsin and altered current insect populations. University of Wisconsin-Extension entomologist Phil Pellitteri explains what else is coming and how it will affect our gardens.

Dutch Elm Disease

The streets of most American cities used to be lined with gorgeous elm trees providing a lot of beautiful shade.  Thanks to Dutch elm disease, that’s a thing of the past.  Unfortunately the disease is still very much around.  Plant Pathologist Brian Hudelson teaches us how to identify Dutch elm disease.

Urban Bee Keeping

Contrary to popular belief, honeybees don’t need a rural environment to thrive.  In fact the bees at Firefly Ridge in Wauwatosa live directly under the interstate!

Vegetable Diseases

If you grow vegetables, you need to be on the lookout for diseases that can affect your crops - not only for this season, but next year as well.  Plant pathologist Brian Hudelson teaches us how to identify problems, and what to do to prevent them from happening again next year.

Cicada Killer Giant Wasps

Entomologist Phil Pellitteri introduces us to a giant wasp new to Wisconsin.  Luckily it's not interested in humans--but cicadas beware!

Organic Pesticides and Biological Controls

Join Susan Rice Mahr to learn how biological control (predators, parasitoids and pathogens) is an excellent first choice for chemical control of an insect problem.

The Decline of Pollinators

UW-Extension Entomologist Phil Pellitteri shows us why bees and other pollinators are declining and what we can do to help.  Without pollinators, some crops won't bear fruit.

Growing a Healthy Lawn

Growing and maintaining a healthy lawn can be achieved with a minimal amount of work and chemicals! Shelly Ryan joins Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology, Extension Specialist Jim Kerns at the O.J. Noer Turfgrass Research Facility to learn how proper mowing, fertilizing and pest control keep lawns green and lush.

Bugs in the Garden

Create a learning environment for children.  Phil Pellitteri, UW-Extension entomologist, focuses on giving children the opportunity to discover how bugs interact with the plants in the garden.

Oak Wilt ID and Treament

Learn how breaks in the bark of an oak tree can provide the opportunity for oak wilt fungus to infect the tree.  Bruce Allison, of Allison Tree Care in Madison, suggests ways to prevent this disease.


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