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World's Largest Potato Gene Bank

The worlds largest potato gene bank just happens to be in Sturgeon Bay, Wis.  Research there includes everything from frost hardy potatoes to varieties that soon may be used in the fight against breast cancer.  Now there’s an eye-opener.

What is Horticultural Therapy?

Horticulture Educator Mike Maddox gives us both the official and unofficial definition of Horticultural Therapy and explains how it is used in medicine and in our communities.

The Gardens of Agrace Hospice Care

In Fitchburg, visit the very special gardens of Agrace Hospice Care, which provide beauty for the patients, their families and the staff.

Organic Pesticides and Biological Controls

Join Susan Rice Mahr to learn how biological control (predators, parasitoids and pathogens) is an excellent first choice for chemical control of an insect problem.

Using Horticultural Therapy

We visit Union Grove to see therapeutic horticulture in action with the Green Works training program.

Gardening From a Wheelchair: An Enabled Garden

Learn how to transform children's swimming pools into raised, accessible gardens. Sylvia Mitchell overcame a massive stroke and has been in a wheelchair for 10 years. She and her partner came up with an interesting way for her to continue gardening.

Food Safety (Wash Your Veggies)

Rinse your organic vegetables before you eat them.  Barb Ingham, a UW-Extension food science specialist, explains why you should wash your veggies.

A Garden for the Elderly

Visit the wheelchair accessible garden Polly Rabion created in Whitefish Bay.  Created specifically for the wheelchair bound, Polly invites nursing home residents and others to visit.

Medicinal Properties of Garlic

Learn about the health benefits of garlic with Anne Walker of Homeland Garden in Madison.

Bad Plants Go Good

UW-Extension Plant Pathologist Brian Hudelson looks at some other plant diseases that are beneficial to people.


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