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Colorful Winter Containers

On a visit to Björklunden Vid Sjön in Bailey's Harbor, Shelley Ryan learns how to create a winter wonderland garden from Caleb Whitney of Greenside Up Landscaping. Caleb creates whimsical garden theater with found objects and plants from the garden.

Accessible Paths in the Garden

Visit a Madison garden that is colorful all season long and accessible to people of all abilities. Vaughn James, horticulturist and plant pathologist, is the owner of the garden.

Woodland Plants for Spring

Neil Diboll, owner of Prairie Nursery Pardeeville, recommends woodland plants for the garden. Favorite plants include red baneberry, trilliums, Virginia Bluebells, Maple Leaved Alum Root, jack-in-the-pulpit, and wild geranium.

Plants that Go With Wine and Chocolate

In Green Bay, Shelley Ryan creates gorgeous containers using plants that complement the colors of wine and chocolate. Jan Wos from Mayflower Greenhouse in Green Bay shows how it's done.

Miniature Gardens

Glen Spevacek, one of the co-founders of Green Bay Botanical Garden and a marketing consultant for the Green Industry and Mayflower Greenhouse, shares his expertise creating miniature gardens. There are many plants to choose from: miniature trees, dwarf conifers, dwarf saxifrages, sedums. Don't forget to add the human element with tiny furniture and garden paths.

West Madison Agricultural Research Station

Shelley Ryan previews new plants with Judy Reith-Rozelle at the West Madison Agricultural Research Station. Perennials include a large selection of ornamental grasses, shade and sun plants and natives. Also on trial are heirloom tomatoes, new herbs and sunflowers, raspberries, grapes. A working wheelchair-accessible garden is also on display. The station is open year-round, from dawn 'til dusk.

The Ridges Sanctuary

Steve Leonard, Director of Ridges Sanctuary in Bailey's Harbor in Door County, introduces Shelley to a nature preserve with incredibly diverse flora and fauna.

A Whimsical Garden

Cheryl Keeffe, a Bluff Country master gardener and a doll maker, found creative ways to deer-proof her garden and added tons of surprising elements. Plant selections includes miniature hostas, bamboo, shrubs and trees, miniature ferns and roses. Other hostas include Cousa Regal, Lady Isabel, the Royal Standard and Jurassic Park.

West of Lake Gardens

Shelley Ryan tours Manitowoc's West of the Lake Gardens with head gardener and horticulturist Don Cisler. The path garden includes heliotrope, blue lobelia and lisianthus. Roses include Queen Elizabeth and Red Hot Sally. The formal Mae West Garden features hot colors and vivacious curves. The Garden is private and open to the public from frost to frost, 10 am to 5 pm, weather permitting.

Swimming Hole Gardens

Chris Coutre of Coulee Country Landscaping shows off a swimming hole in a backyard of a home in Reedsburg. It is a natural chlorine free system where it's safe for the family to swim, play and chase fish and frogs.


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