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A Choo-Choo Garden

Enjoy this Mukwonago backyard train garden nurtured by Kevin Ylvisaker and Jim Hunnicutt.  Miniature plants thriving next to the train tracks and ponds include:Coleus, Santolina, Labrador Violet , Phlox , Dianthus, 48 Dwarf Albertas, Boxwood and Edelweiss.

A Garden for the Elderly

Visit the wheelchair accessible garden Polly Rabion created in Whitefish Bay.  Created specifically for the wheelchair bound, Polly invites nursing home residents and others to visit.

Creating A Portable Pond

Join Olbrich Botanical Garden's horticulturist Melissa Maurer to learn how to build a portable pond.

Rain Barrels

Rainbarrels are a great way to conserve resources and water your plants.

Rain Gardens

John Gishnock of Broadhead's Applied Ecological Services explains how rain gardens decrease water run-off. He shows viewers how to create and maintain the native plant-populated gardens then create beauty in all four seasons.

Growing a Living Willow Fence

Lee Zieke Lee of Willow Glen Nursery in Iowa specializes in growing willow for baskets, trellises and living fences. Lee provides tips on starting a living fence in the Midwest from these character-rich trees.

Creating Garden Rooms

Learn how to create garden rooms with Anne Walker. Shelley Ryan and Walker visit a variety of Madison area gardens to see examples of garden rooms, using the sky as the ceiling, the lawn as the floor, and plants as the walls and decorations.

Fall and Winter Containers

In Green Bay, Jan Wos shows how to create wonderful container gardens for fall and winter. His motto is, "If it doesn't move, plant it." Wos has personally filled a grand piano, gold bags and suitcases with riots of plants. In this segment he tones it down a notch with more practical planting containers.

Hot Plants for the Garden

We travel to Songsparrow Farm and Nursery in Avalon to see what's new and hot in trees and shrubs. Roy Klehm shares his new favorite woody plants for the garden. He emphasizes colorful foliage and a variegated redbud.

Unusual Clematis

Shelley Ryan meets a rock gardener growing more than 25 varieties of clematis in all shapes and sizes. Venerable clematis, which often bears large purple flowers, is a plant that has long been valued by those looking for a showy, height-seeking garden dweller.


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