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A Large Backyard Prairie

Discover the prairie in an urban neighborhood in Madison.  Landscape architect John Diekelmann has transformed his backyard into a work of art using native Wisconsin prairie plantings.

Rock Garden Bed Creation

Join botanist and rock gardener Olive Thomson as she explains how to create a little rock garden in an existing perennial bed.

A Rocky Dwarf Conifer Garden

Explore Emily Hickey's steep cliff garden in Bailey's Harbor, Door County.

A Weeping Garden

Gary Vincent of Oneida gives a tour of the hostas, dwarf conifers, and other rare plants in his garden.

A Stained Glass Garden

Sturgeon Bay Master Gardener Karin and Mike Overbeck show off their garden at the Everygreen School, built in 1905.

How to Make a Water Garden (Water Feature)

Join Duane Barmore, owner of the Chickadee Depot, and discover how water features appeal to birds.

A Private Spring Garden

Wisconsin Hearty Plant Society president Frank Greer gives a tour of the hearty plants in his garden.

Water Gardening

Travel to the home of Fred and Kathe Voll in Fitchburg, WI.  Fred and Kathe have created a lush water garden where a swimming pool used to be.

A Small Urban Garden

Portage County Master Gardener Ann Whipp and  husband Rick highlight a stained glass gate, grapes and roses during a tour of their Stevens Point garden.

An 1860's Historic Ethnic Garden

Tour the Schulz Farmstead at Old World Wisconsin featuring Pomeranian elements such as a front vegetable garden and wattle fences.


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