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Landscape Lighting

Director of Horticulture, Jeff Epping, shows how landscape lighting is used at Olbrich Gardens in Madison.

A Rock Quarry Garden

Karen and Carl Vanden Heuvel grew up around old rock quarries, so it was only natural that one day they would want to create one of their very own.  This is the story of two people who got very carried away and created an enormous garden that truly rocks.

Appleton's Sustainable College Garden

Professor of Environmental Studies at Lawrence University Jeff Clark talks about university gardens that put food on the tables in dining halls. Students grow vegetables and compost food prep waste, maintaining environmentally friendly gardens.

A Private Garden in Green Bay

Visit a private garden where art created with found objects takes center stage. The yard and garden belong to Deb and Kim Freeman in Hobart.

Growing Late Season Veggies Using Germination Blankets

Travel to Middlebury Hills CSA Farm near Barneveld and learn about planting fall vegetables in warm weather using germination blankets.

Gravel Gardens: Drought Tolerant & Gorgeous

Plantsman Roy Diblik shows off his low maintenance drought tolerant beautiful perennial garden planted in nine inches of pure gravel!  It’s a new concept brought to the U.S. from Germany, and sure to catch on fast.

The Art of Espalier

Jeff Epping shows us the ancient art of Espalier.  It's a great way to grow apples, pears and many other trees in a small space.

The Flying Pig

The Flying Pig is a garden, gallery and cafe in Kewaunkee County on the Door County Peninsula. Shelley Ryan walks through the garden with one of the owners, Robyn Mulhaney.

Lasagna Gardening

Lone Rock, Wisconsin master gardener volunteer Roger Reynolds teaches the fine art of lasagna gardening. No, it does not involve pasta, but your garden will thank you for it!

Growing An Edible Wall

The vegetable garden isn't just that square in the backyard anymore. Mark Dwyer of Rotary Gardens in Janesville demonstrates how to combine functionality with beauty in big and small spaces. Possible choices for an edible wall include nasturtium, hibiscus, Society Garlic, bronze fennel, parsley, scented geranium, hot peppers, Swiss chard, "Pesto Perpetuo" basil and "Black Pearl" pepper.


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