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Know Your Site: The Right Plant for the Right Place

At a challenging yard in Oregon, Ed Lyon, director of Allen Centennial Gardens, shares his tips for planting the right plant in the right place.  He even has success under walnut trees!  We’ll also learn how to read a plant label.

Creating a Simple Japanese Flower Arrangement

Learn how to create a simple Ikebana flower arrangement at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens with Ikebana instructor Kazuko Bressler.

Creating a Portable Japanese Moss Garden

In Waukesha, learn how to create a portable Japanese garden complete with moss and a Japanese maple.

The Gardens of Agrace Hospice Care

In Fitchburg, visit the very special gardens of Agrace Hospice Care, which provide beauty for the patients, their families and the staff.

Growing Lotus Plants in Sturgeon Bay

Travel to Egypt to visit a lotus bog, well actually Sturgeon Bay, but close enough.  Although exotic looking lotus plants are hardy in Wisconsin, care must be taken because they can be invasive as well.  We’ll also meet something else that comes from Egypt - a surprise.

Fat Plants from Madagascar, Mexico & Africa

Learn about a unique and strange looking group of plants called Fat Plants.  Many of them hail from Madagascar, Africa and Mexico.  Some look like they came from outer space!

A French Garden in Alma

In Alma, at the Hotel de Ville, we'll visit a secret garden inspired by the gardens of Southern France and Italy.

Creating A Habitat For Hummingbirds

Attract hummingbirds with food, water and nesting sites. Ina Lukas from Blooming Valley Nursery near Spring Green suggests a few techniques for success. Stick with native plants. Plant in masses. Add plants with cup-shaped leaves. Provide perching areas and nesting materials. Hummingbirds are sure to visit.

Designing a Mixed Border

At Olbrich Gardens in Madison horticulturist Jeff Epping shows how rose gardens draw spectators year round.

An Urban Hummingbird Garden

Learn about hummingbird life cycle and what they like to eat from Kathi and Michael Rock, renown experts in hummingbird gardening. Hundreds of hummingbirds can be seen in their garden. Kathi shows how to attract them with plants like Nicotiana mutabilis, "Blue Anise Sage," Salvia azurea, "Cardinal Flower," honeysuckle, "Red Morning Glory," "Orange Jewelweed" and "Policeman's Helmet" impatiences.


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